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Is Jesus sacrificed again in every Mass?

Catholics believe that the Mass is a re-presentation of Jesus’ historical one-time sacrifice death on the cross.  In every Mass, the priest re-enacts Jesus’ priestly actions at the Last Supper, offering once more His Body and Blood.  But Jesus is not sacrificed again in the Eucharist.  Rather, His unique sacrifice is made real and present to us, here and now, because it is a divine reality that transcends space and time.

What do we mean when we say in the Apostles’ Creed that Christ descended into the dead?

After he died, the soul of Jesus descended into a place or state of rest of the dead.  All of the just who had died before Jesus’ death were waiting the Redeemer to open the gates of heaven for them.  They were in a state of deprivation of the vision of God.  The Lord’s conquest over sin and death was announced to them and made real through this action on the part of Jesus.

Why did Christ remain on earth for forty days after resurrection?

Christ remained on earth for forty days after His resurrection to prove that He had truly risen from the dead and to complete the instruction of the apostles, to open their minds and become witnesses.

When we say that Christ sits at the right hand of the Father, what do we mean?

We mean that Christ as God is equal to the Father, and that as man He shares above all the saints in the glory of His Father and exercises for all eternity the supreme authority of a King over all creatures.

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ccc 1330, 1359, 1372, 1470,...


How Can We Refuse?

The fourteen steps that we walk, we do not take alone.  Jesus walks with us.  And therefore His way of the cross two thousand years ago and our “way” now are truly one.

That cross, that chunk of tree is what the Father chose for Him.  However, the crosses we must bear are largely products of our daily life.  And yet the Father chose them too, for us.  Jesus asks us to receive them from His hands.

We take our day cross, we welcome the monotony that often marks our day, discomforts of all kinds, the summer’s heat, our disappointments, tensions and setbacks.  They all remind us often that in carrying our cross we carry Christ’s too.  Although we bear a bit only of His cross, He carries all of ours.

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The Manila Cathedral re-opens

The re-opening of the Manila Cathedral Minor Basilica (MCMB) dedicated in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was one of the biggest event of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. More popularly known as the Manila Cathedral, its re-opening  was studded with the who’s-who of Philippine politics on the night of April 9, 2014. His eminence Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle who heads the 92 parishes comprising the Diocese of Manila was the chief host of the whole event. He was ably assisted by Monsignor Nestor C. Cervo and Ambassador Henrietta Tita de Villa, executive secretary and chairperson respectively of the Manila Cathedral Minor Basilica Foundation Inc.(MCMBFI).

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We’re Never Alone

I once heard a person ask in a radio program "Where is Jesus when a person is suffering from a deep burden or sorrow? When His child is in pain from life's whips of torture, where is He and what is He doing?". Indeed, these are questions that made me pause for a moment and simply wonder what the answers might be. To be honest, I cannot legitimately answer in behalf of God. But what I do believe in is that God is simply with us. He can be wherever we can imagine Him to be, some imagine Him to be wherever they go, some look up and say He's in the skies above looking down on us, some say He's just by our sides, while some believe He's literally in our hearts. Regardless of His exact location on our lives when we need Him, the important thing is that He is WITH US, and we are therefore never alone. Never even think He goes away when all the trials are upon us, because the truth of the matter is, it is in the bad times Where Jesus draws us closer to Him, it is in our times of pain when He embraces us more tightly.

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Holy Week 2014 Schedule

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