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Do traffic laws bind in conscience?

Yes, the motor car has become the great instrument of slaughter in modern society.  It has become the great modern hazard to life and limb, killing thousands annually.  Civil and religious authorities have issued repeated appeals to citizens to observe scrupulously the traffic laws designed for their safety and protection.

Thus the individual who fails to drive with reasonable care or uses a vehicle that is gravely unsafe is guilty of sin.  He is seriously mistaken if he thinks that he can violate the traffic code because no policeman is present.  The binding force of traffic laws should be taught in our schools and churches so that a moving motor vehicle will be operated with the care comparable to that which a loaded gun is handled.


Does the Church consider alcoholism and drug addiction a disease or a vice?

“They may be describe,” says Father John C. Ford, S.J. an eminent authority, “as the condition of those who excessive drinking and addiction to illegal drugs serious problems in management of their lives, and yet who usually are unable to stop drinking even if they want to without outside help from physicians, psychiatrists, clergymen, clinics and rehabilitation centers as well as many others who need such help but do not seek it.”

In the alcoholic or drug dependents, one notes three traits:  excess, problems and compulsion.  Mounting evidence indicates that the drinkers and drug users loss of spiritual values and particularly his failure to turn in hope and trust to God contributes to the problem.  This does not mean, however, that alcoholism and drug addiction are primarily a spiritual weakness.  In some cases, persons who have turned to prayer and the sacraments in apparent sincerity have been successful in their efforts to stop their compulsive addictions.

“Although the alcoholic,...


The Redlines of Parenting

As far as I can remember, my family went to church religiously; all of us were really committed believers.  But we didn’t go to church primarily to meet people with whom you could connect; anyway, it didn’t hurt to go, and it made us feel good.

Somehow, I had wished I became involved in the church where youth leaders challenged us to help make a difference in the world.  This appealed to me.  As a teen I could become active in helping touch lives for God; however, I discovered that most people in that church were against a variety of things – drinking, dating, watching movies, and, of course having sex outside of marriage.  I was with somewhat of a troubled conscience that my sisters and I would occasionally go to a Saturday matinee at the Gaiety Theater in Ermita to watch James Dean or Elvis Presley movies.  The romantic films, however, were considered “worldly,” which we steered clear of.

Then television came to Manila where I grew up  in (yes, I realize that for me to admit that I was born before you had hundreds of channels available on TV dates me), and our family bought a small black and white Sharp TV with rabbit-ears antenna.  I also sensed that the standard of accepted behavior was challenged!  If you watched something on TV at home, it was OK; however, if you watched the same thing in a theater, it was disdained!  This made no sense to me.  What defines wholesome?  It is not where you watched something but what you watch that determines whether or not it is simply entertaining, uplifting, and builds you up, or it crosses the line and stirs impure thoughts.

What were the redlines of fortress style of parenting, then, they generally did?  First and foremost, members of family must participate in all events.  They strictly forbid the use of alcohol and other questionable substances; prohibited dating, drinking or excessive use of social media.  They monitor the kind of movies their children are allowed to watch.  Children were encouraged respect for authority and elders.  Most of all, everybody have to practice honesty and dignity and go to church together as a family.

Today, every parent who loves his child(ren) should set redlines clearly designated what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.  However, when a parent’s concept of right and wrong is not based on an understanding of God’s purpose and will, redlines become defined by our culture rather than God’s will.  What makes the different comes from the Scripture.

Parents ought to be convinced that God’s Word is as relevant to our lives today as it was when holy men of God wrote the Scriptures centuries ago.  This style of parenting is defined more by the atmosphere at home.

Parents, listen to your children, evaluate what they say and provide a forum of discussion, striving to help your children see the cause and effect of every discussion that is made.

Knowing what the boundaries are – whether they are yours or God’s – brings security.  Kids know when they are within the framework of acceptable behavior and when they have gone beyond what is acceptable.

Wise is the parent who loves enough and cares enough and strong enough to say, “I love you too much to let you do anything just because you want to,” and quietly draws a line saying, “This is as far as you can go!”

Eventually your child will grow up and say, “Thanks, Mom.  Thanks, Dad.  I’m glad you cared enough to draw a line.”



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Youth Music Festival: Different Voices United in One Night

September is Youth Month, and to begin this month long celebration, last September 12, we gathered all youth choirs to serenade us with their beautiful voices. Paeskwela ni San Andres choir with their ever supportive mentor, Ate Karen Phoa brought us Photograph, Skyscraper and a remix of I’m Yours and Count On Me. It was followed by the SOTO choir who gave us goose bumps when they serenaded us with an acapella version of OPM songs Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigin and Ikaw Lamang.


For our next set, SAnKTUM who sings every 12:15pm Mass on Sundays brought us Bukas-Palad songs. The group of Mentor June Sugui from Paeskwela ni San Andres surprised us when they sung some of our famous OPM songs. And for the last set, we are very proud of our altar servers when they serenaded us with some of Eraserheads’ tracks and with their kuyas to accompany them, and lastly PYM Choir brought us songs that talks about friendship.


Truly, it is in music that we, young people became one. Though we may have different genres or types of music, we have the same mission, and that is to create God’s kingdom here on earth. And it is for God that we shall be united.


Happy Youth Month!




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Mary, of All Women

A joyful feast day, every 8th of September we commemorate the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a descendant of Abraham, born of the tribe of Juddha and of David’s seed.


The Catholic Church has been celebrating the birth of Mary since the sixth century. This year,in like fashion, the Family Rosary Crusade  Chapter of the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish (SAAP) successfully organized the celebration of this blessed day, the birth of Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In her honor,  a three-day Triduum Novena was held on September 5-8 2015. On her feast day itself, a Tuesday, a dawn(5:30am) procession of Mama Mary on a beautiful carosa was held around the sub-parishes of SAAP.

Her entrance to the church after the procession was very touching and festive amid the continuous singing of “Ave Ave Ave Maria” and Happy Birthday Mama Mary just before the 6:30am mass presided by Fr. Allan Dichoso.

Our Pastor Msgr. Dennis Odiver scheduled masses at 6:30am,11am, 12:15pm, 5pm and 6:30pm to give all parishoners the  chance to attend mass in Mary’s honor. The FRC distributed assorted cup cakes and pastries after every mass to all the mass goers.

Mary is indeed a great woman, the greatest of all women. Her birthday gives us the oppurtunity to reflect on the greatness of her faith. As we rejoice on Mary's humility and obedience, we also rejoice to be made sharers in the gift of bringing forth the life of Jesus Christ in the world. Even as we imitate her humble and obedient faith, we see in Mary the fullness of grace. She embodies all that God taught the human race.  She is the CANTICLE OF ZECHARIAH ---

Your birth,oh Virgin Mother of God,  proclaims joy to the whole world. For from you arose the glorious Sun of Justice, Christ our God.  He freed us from the age-old curse and filled us with holiness; He destroyed death and gave us eternal life.GOD BLESS YOU, MAMA MARY LOVES YOU!


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