Written on 08 March 2015, 11.26 by Gene C. Alberto

By: Gene C. Alberto
What happened to Adam and Eve on account of their sin?
They lost sanctifying grace, the right to heaven, and their friendship to God.  They became subject to death, to suffering, and to a strong inclination to evil and the gate of heaven was closed.
Did God abandon man after Adam and Eve fell into sin?
No, He did not, but promised to send into the world a Savior to free man from his sins and reopen to him the gate of heaven.  This Redeemer who would at the same time come from mankind, so that through this Redeemer man could conquer the devil.
Why does man need a Redeemer?
Meanwhile, the human race was under the power of the devil.  Everyone born into the world had original sin on his soul and was therefore a slave of the devil.  Even those who did die without mortal sin on their souls could not enter heaven, but had to wait in a place or state of rest called the bosom of Abraham by Christ (see Lk 16:22), and a prison by St. Peter (see 1 Pt 3:19) until the death of Christ.
God did not send the Redeemer right away after the fall, so men would see from these things what a terrible thing sin was and how much they need a Redeemer.
When was the beginning of Redemption?
When the fullness of time had come God prepared to send His Son into the world as the Redeemer.  He had already planned the kind of Mother He wanted for His Son, so He created her soul and united it to her body while she was still in the womb of her mother.  But Mary’s soul, unlike all other souls which had come into the...


Prelude to the Passion

The day arrived when our Lord had to leave Galilee for the last time.  Mary was deeply saddened and wept quietly.  Jesus consoled her lovingly and explained to her that He must now fulfill the mission for which the Father had sent Him into the world.
Mary knew the dangers to which her Son would be exposed on the account of His teachings, miracles, and conversions which Jesus accomplished.
During the last year of His public Ministry, Jesus decided to prepare His Apostles for the shock of His Passion by revealing to them beforehand the divine glory of their Master whom they were soon to see scourged and crucified.

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Forty-eight years ago

Today, our beloved parish, the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish (SAAP) celebrates another milestone. Forty-eight years ago, on a clear sunny day, February 8, 1967, the cornerstone of the building of this Parish was laid. It was a dream come true for the Catholic church-going residents of two villages, the San Miguel  Village and Bel-Air  Village . Two years earlier, in 1965,  the Christian Family Movement units of these two villages petitioned for the establishment of an independent Parish.  After two long years of waiting His Eminence Rufino Cardinal Santos granted the petition. Immediately Parish plans were afoot and construction began.   The ground breaking ceremony on that fateful February 8, 1967 coincided with the 69th birth anniversary of the late Don Andres Soriano y Roxas Sr., in whose name and honor the building was funded.

It is to the credit of two great names in business- the Sorianos and the Ayalas -  that saw the birth of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. Don Andres Soriano, Jr., Chairman and President of San Miguel Corporation saw the wisdom of a Parish more accessible and convenient to the residents of San Miguel and Bel Air. The Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Poblacion to which they belong  is quite far off.  Don Andres Jr., offered to fully fund the construction of the Parish building. It will be constructed  on a 3,494 square meter lot (its present location) donated by the Ayala family through the Makati Development Corporation. Upon the start of construction, Father Emilio Bularan was appointed  Parish Priest.

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‘I am here to be with you.’ The Holy Father stayed with us for a while, and seeing him passed by was a grace. One could feel that Jesus is truly inside him. It was not just a visit, it was indeed a spiritual

renewal of faith. He has won the hearts of devout and doubters alike with his emphasis in the need to return to the basic teachings of Christ.


He made the call for the Church to be a “poor Church for the poor”. He urged the Church leaders and the lay faithful to live simply and love the poor which is the social doctrine of the Church. He saw the existing situations in our society. While too many people live below poverty level, others are caught up in materialism and extravagant lifestyle. They are distractive to the most basic demands of Christian morality.

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