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Can individuals receive special revelation from God?

The Church certainly allows for that possibility.  At times she has even authoritatively recognized such messages as with the appearances of our Lady to St. Bernadette of Lourdes.  But these “private” revelations, as they are called, do not belong to the deposit of faith.

For that reason, though the Church may recommend particular revelations as worthy of acceptance, Catholics are not bound to assent to these in the same way they would place their faith in sacred Scripture and Tradition.  At the same time, Catholics should exercise caution towards alleged “revelations” that have not been approved by the Church.  And they must firmly reject as false any that offer “a different gospel (see Gal 1:6-9), claiming to surpass or correct the deposit of faith given in Christ.”

Why does the Church have religious orders?

Today, a wide variety of Catholic orders serve the Church, each with its own “charism” (special gift).  Some are more secular (cloistered), dedicated exclusively to prayers, meditation and manual labor.  Others give themselves to work of charity, such as health care or social work.  Still others specialize in evangelization, teaching or communications media.  Whatever their special gifts, all share a vocation from God to serve as men and women set apart for special task.

Why won’t the Church ordain women?

Our Lord Jesus had many holy women among His disciples, including His mother (see Lk 8:1-3; Acts 1:14).  Nevertheless, He chose men to be His twelve apostles, and the apostles did the same when they chose the co-workers who would become their colleagues, assistants and successors in the ordained ministry (see Mt 10:1-4; Acts 1:15-26, 6:1-6).  “The Church recognizes herself,” the Catechism says, “To be bound by this choice made by the Lord himself.”  For this reason the ordination of women is not possible.

Since ordination...


SAAP 2011-2014-2017

February 1, 2011, the day when the Lord sent to St. Andrew the Apostle Parish Msgr. Dennis S. Odiver as our 10th parish priest.

Three years and four months thereafter, changes have been evident.

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Into the Realty We Created (A reflection on the Homily for the 1st Youth Mass)

The first Youth Mass was celebrated last July 5, 6:30 in the evening at Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish with the participation of Paeskwela ni San Andres  students.


It looked like an ordinary mass at first with its usual flow. When the homily started, I knew it was for us, the youth, with the mirrors of our contemporary world at hand.


The body of the sermon was somehow about a lost of spiritual identity of everybody. Due to our problems, our doubts, our worries, we forget our mission to our brothers and sisters. And in finding a knowledgeable answer to every question, we forget that there HE is, although unseen, helping us to deal with everything.


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The Dirt of the Streets

  My ideals caught me into nothing. I am ashamed. It’s late at night when my friends and I left school. A boy came begging. I just made a gentle tap on his head and said sorry. Then came another boy whose eyes were lifeless. I froze and stared intently. The window where his poor soul could see is trapped in gray lines – there is not even a glow. My friends say that I should be careful as he was about to unzip my bag. I ignored them and my mind was imprisoned by the eyes of nothingness. My nose even betrayed me so as not to smell the scent of rugby floating in the air (as my friends also say.) Should I fear? Well, surprisingly not. Part of me somewhat say I am negligent or partly liable. Should it be proper to give him a coin? He will probably have another bottle of rugby. Since I didn’t give him anything – I felt better. Am I guilty? The boy and his friend are still in Buendia tonight. They are probably lost in the dark corners of the city stretching their arms with opened palms. Strangers like I am won’t even bother to take a look at their faces, only but cold or even harsh treatment. Besides, the area is a busy district where millions are created in short a span of time. Indifference has turned a sprouting bud into a dried piece called dirt of the streets.

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Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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