Increasing importance is being placed every year in all countries of the world on preserving and protecting our environment – and rightly so. As stewards of God’s creation, we have not always done the best job of protecting His handiwork. But Jesus talked about a different kind of ecosystem that deserves an even higher priority – cultivating the soil of the heart. Jesus told a parable of a sower, seed and soil. Yesterday, I was watching our gardener pruning and cultivating the plants in the garden. As any good gardener will tell you, the effectiveness of the sower and his seed is totally dependent on the condition of the soil. In fact Jesus said this was the key to understanding all His parables (Mark 4:13). The parable of the soil says this: When God’s word is sown into heart – soil that is prepared, and that the seed springs up and the new life is nurtured, salvation is the result. But if the truth is sown onto hard heart soil, or if the soil dries up or is rocky, it stands little chance of saving the soul.

On Wednesday, the 14th of September, at 8:00 o’clock in the evening, the sound of funeral bell was heard around the village.

St. Andrew parishioners gathered in church for a prayer liturgy for the souls who died violently in recent months. The congregation lit up candles around the altar; offered white roses for peace and hope. The solemn rite was officiated by Rev. Msgr. Dennis Odiver so beautifully.

“We hoped for peace, but no peace came. We hoped for a time of healing, but found only terror” (Jeremiah 8:15)

. This is what the world is today. Peace appears to be long coming.


“Rejoice highly favored daughter! The Lord is with you.” It was the celestial greeting for Mary by the angelic visitor as she knelt on the floor with love beaming in her unraptured face. Did she know what her “Fiat” would mean to mankind? How were she able to utter it with so much sincerity, with so much love, and with so much self-forgetfulness and trust? Did she know of the manger, of the cross, of the Eucharist?

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