On August 25, Rev. Fr. Allan Dichoso celebrated his 55th birthday which coincided with the blessing of the new Sacristy.

As our parochial vicar, Fr. Allan has found fulfillment in his priestly ministry, being able to attract people with his homilies and nice singing voice.  Aware of the tremendous significance of the Eucharistic celebration, he shudders at the thought that at all time he had to have adequate preparation to preside at the celebration and make it truly meaningful.  Monsignor Dennis said during the 12 noon mass on Sundays, the church is growing up in attendance and we receive bigger collection because it’s Fr. Allan who is the presiding priest.

The disposition of the Body of Christ is a concern of Fr. Allan.  He believes that the majority of church goers go to Mass with the desire to really be nourished by the Word of God and the Body of Christ.

He can sense this, for example, as they attentively listen and react to his homilies.  It must be inspiring for him to see squirm or heads nod as he drives a point or lips break into a smile or even laughter as he tells a joke or narrate a funny anecdote to help a message be remembered.

The life and ministry of the priest is what is aptly traced by Fr. Allan, an udefatigable priest in St. Andrew the Apostle Church.

We congratulate Fr. Allan for his apostolic work.  May it continue to challenge him and us to strive harder to make our lives a great pilgrimage headed to the Father’s house.




The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines in its November pastoral letter said:  “Jesus hanging from the cross, stripped of his dignity, his strength, his possessions, his power,  is the image of the poor.’’

The Church celebrates 2015 as the Year of the Poor.    The image of Jesus hanging on the cross is the face of the poor. He is fully one with the poor, the powerless, the unwashed, the miserable, the hungry, the outcasts, the homeless, the street children, the poorest of the poor.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo in his speech during the “Summit for Change’’  is calling for a system change in the country. He is calling for a righteous  government that will guarantee the rights of the poor and protect the people from corrupt officials in the government.’’

He said: “Can  there be a constitution that can punish government officials who do not execute the laws? There is presently a culture of impunity for government officials , from the President of the Republic down to the Barangay Chairman, who do not do what the laws require them to do.

“The big question is : who can protect the people from the government which disobeys the laws they are supposed to implement.’’

The Bishop said that there is a need for a system change wherein the government can regulate the market and the big businesses from exploiting the people. The Church is calling for a just government that will be strong enough to make the playing field for the poor and the small entrepreneurs to thrive, He said that presently, it is the  big business and multinationals  who makes the government penetrate and capture the market at the expense of the small entrepreneurs and the poor.

When we ask the poor what they want, we get simple answers. “We want decent meals everyday; we want regular jobs; we want decent housing; we want good education for our children; we want medical care when we get sick.’’ Food, shelter, job , education,health care. They just want basic services. But are these  basic services being given to the people by the government? These basic services are being sold to private business entities under the Public –Private Partnership (PPP Program).’’

The government, according to Bishop Pabillo,  is passing on its obligations to business entities who will do those basic services at a profit and at a high cost which the poor can not afford.

The Bishop laments that in Metro Manila, water , electricity, the MRT and LRT have been privatized. Even  the highways  have been  privatized. These services are monopolized by the big corporations who belong to the 40 richest families in the country.

“They are privatized and they do not even offer decent services.They even want to  privatize our public hospitals, like the Philippine Orthopoedic Hospital and even our state universities.’’

The Bishop is calling for the government to provide free tertiary or college education to our youth and even subsidize privately-owned educational institutions to provide good education for the Filipinos to make them competitive in the global market.

“ There is no such thing as  housing for the poor. NHA (National Housing Authority) charge the poor in an exorbitant way by making them pay for 25 years (a house) which is so substandard that it can stand only for five years.

“Public services should not be privatized,’’ the Bishop stressed.

The issue of labor only contractualization and security of tenure was also pointed out by the Bishop which he said caused uncertainly and insecurity among the labor force. It will be recalled that labor contractualization was enforced and made into a law during the time of the late President Corazon Aquino.

He said job security is not only an issue of  peace and order but also an issue of stability. He said  rampant casualization (end-of-labor contract after five -six months) is being done by big business. These big corporations care only about the company’s profitability but hardly no serious consideration for their workers who actually create the profit for them.

He also discussed the issue of land grabbing by big businessmen who contrived ways mostly by legal means to deprive the farmers  and the indigenous people of their rights to the land.

Let us pray that in the coming 2016 national elections the people will vote for the righteous leaders and that the sovereignty of the ballot will be honored and protected by the Commission on Elections.





July 25, 2015, Feast Day of St. James the Great/Apostle, Patron Saint, Santiago Village Brgy. Valenzuela with a theme “ The Church as Defender of the Poor”

Every year the Santiago Villages, Parishioners, residents and adopted community look forward for the fiesta. A triduum Novena (July 22,23,24) at SAAP was followed by a procession of the image of St. James, highlighted by a Eucharistic Mass with our dear Msgr. Dennis Odiver, Parish Priest presiding then a simple fellowship.



According to the Bible stories, St. James the Apostle along with his brother John (the Evangelist), was one of the first disciples of Jesus. They were related to Jesus by ay of their mothers; Salome and Mary were

After we choose to forgive, we want to forget.


When we try to forget, we try not to remember a person or anything that reminds us of a painful or an unpleasant experience. We think that by choosing to forget we can erase that experience or even that person from our mind. Truth is, our mind or even our memory may forget but our heart always remembers because the scar remains in our heart.

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