The Living Rosary 2016

On Saturday, October 29, 2016 as one people, one Church, one parish, we celebrated the culminating ceremony of the “Living Rosary,” organized by the Legion of Mary and the Family Rosary Crusade. The prayer of the rosary was augmented by a film re-enacting the joyful mysteries, and hymns that created a solemn aura for contemplation and meditation on the mysteries. The prayers were led by Jamie Luz and Cecile Jayme with the guidance of Fr. Alan Dichoso.


The Annunciation. First intention was an appeal for peace for our country and for parts of the world being ravaged by daily conflict, destruction and hunger. There is also an appeal for our leaders to share this vision of peace not only outwardly, but deep in the soul. We all need to be healed from greed and selfishness. Peace was made possible with the humility and cooperation of Blessed Virgin Mary to be part of the incarnation of the Son of God. “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.” (Lk 1:38) The Visitation. The Second Intention was for the care of the sick, elderly and dying. We pray for the grace of The Father to grant healing of the sick; to provide the aged the light of the Lord in their last years . Elizabeth of life so that they may join His kingdom. Elizabeth was granted a miracle of conceiving a child when the natural time of childbirth was long past. Mary visited her cousin to give her comfort so that she may understand that her situation is a gift from God and that she is a part of His plan to save mankind from sin. The Nativity. The third intention is for the souls in Purgatory and of Unborn Babies. We meditate on the need to says prayers for all souls in Purgatory. We strive to earn indulgences whenever we have the opportunity so that the souls can shorten their suffering and be admitted into Heaven. We also pray that unborn babies can be to allowed to be born in the love of nurturing parents who appreciate the sacredness of life. We look up to Mary and Joseph who have shown us the way to the right path of family life. The couple endured hardship to comply with the Roman Law despite Mary’s critical condition. The story also demonstrates that this is not an ordinary birth when the angels appear And the Kings from the East pay homage to the future Messiah foretold by the Old Testament. The Presentation. The fourth intention is for family, community and youth all over the world. Our aim to create and atmosphere of love in each home so that this emotion can transform our world in a community of Love which is continued by our youth in their development of Christian values. Jesus humbly observed the Jewish Law and Mary submitted her purity to a rite of purification in the temple. This was but a way to fulfil the promised of holy man, Simeon that “now You can dismiss your servant in peace. You have fulfilled Your word.” (Lk 2:28-30). Finding of Jesus in the Temple. This is for the fifth intention of the Pope, our priests, Msgr. Dennis, Fr. Alan and the clergy. That God give them the energy to spread our doctrine of love for our community. May our leaders be steadfast in the face of temptation and may the Holy Spirit always help them preserve the gift of discernment as they make important decisions that affect the life of our mystical body. At the ending of the prayers after the saying of the rosary, the faithful each received a pure white rose which each person offered to Our Lady before her statue at the left side of the altar.

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