“Could you not stay awake with me for even an hour?” (Matthew 26:40)

Such is an invitation to God’s grace for us in the now generation as it was for Jesus’ disciples in biblical times. God is inviting us to come to Him in the Blessed Sacrament for the Holy Eucharist is the continuation of Christ’s incarnation on Earth.

On the first Thursday evening of the month, our Parish Priest, Monsignor Dennis Odiver, God’s channel of grace, conducts a Holy Hour inside the parish church. This spiritual exercise is a special privilege to encounter the Lord.

Last Thursday evening (May 5), every attendee to the Holy Hour was privileged to encounter God through the Word; through prayers based on Scriptures; the recitation of the Psalms; spiritual songs; reflections; the inspirational message of the shepherd of God’s flock in Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish community, Monsignor Dennis.

As we are in the Easter season, he reminded us of the message of the resurrection, that is, “living new life in the spirit which is a gift of God to us.”


He further remarked that “a gift of new life means awareness of the active presence of God in our life; in our spiritual life. There two disciplines by which we can enhance and nourish God’s active presence in us:


First, through the discipline of solitude – that is giving a space for yourself and for God, giving more time with Him, talking to Him, to be busy with Him;

Second is the Discipline of Community, to worship him as a community. Being busy with other matters destroys our relationship with others. We need space. Let’s have the Community of the Holy Trinity as our model.”

“Tonight,” Monsignor Dennis, God’s mouthpiece, continued, “at this hour, God must be looking at us with gladness. He must be so thankful to us for being busy with Him instead of being busy with our favorite games, our favorite films, or favorite TV programs. As Saint John said that

it was God who took the initiative to love us, He welcomes us to this Holy Hour. He wants us to experience His love.”

So we invite everyone, every parishioner, “to come and see!” Come and have a taste of heaven in the love of Jesus in the Holy Hour: in the Blessed Sacrament!

Let’s listen to the sound of His call.

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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