SAAP Holds Christian Leadership Seminar


‘Shaping an Urban Church as a new model of Christian leadership’ was the center point of Fr. Edwin Mercado, a dogma professor at San Carlos Seminary, when he gave his talk on Christian Leadership Seminar last Friday, July 22, 2011 at the parish Jubilee Hall.


His talk focused on dealing with evangelization in a modern world. He began with the context of different signs of God’s invitation. These include Global village; the variety of culture and religious practices, matrix of relationships; in family, neighborhood, workplace or school and recreations, the fast paced globalization and the emerging mall culture. These are new challenges that a Christian leader should face nowadays. He proposed four models of Christian leadership which are; Esther Model: the system insider; Nehemiah Model: community builder; Ezra Model: structure builder and Pauline Model: the networker. And along with it are the four principles of leadership which are Self-awareness, Ingenuity; exploring new ideas of evangelization, Love and Heroism.

Questions were asked at the latter part of the seminar and it gave a way for Fr. Ed to clarify that these are just new ideas that a Christian leader could use in dealing with modernization but it must be cleared that there are non-negotiable principles and values. He pointed out that these can serve as a challenge for consumerism and materialism culture of urban people, he exampled a mall, where you can flash on screen a two to three minute catechesis for the waiting people to see, this is one of his points of proclaiming the word of God in a particular context.

Almost eighty parishioners attended the seminar and were very grateful to Fr. Ed’s talk. They brought new learning and a snack on their way home.



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