The Wish Beneath My Pillow

As Filipinos we are noted for our love of family. It is from our families that we first learn to love and respect human lives.  We believe that children are a gift from God and a blessing from the Lord.  We treasure our elderly with respect, love and attention.  Strong family ties bind all members that even after marriage some prefer to stay with their parents.

Unfortunately, many changes in the society are beginning to destroy and deform the family.  Materialism with changing priorities and success now dominates social and family status.  Parental absentee due to parents in search of jobs is a major factor weakening Filipino family.  One of the best gifts parents can give their children is their “Presence”.

According to statistics conducted by Parents First in October 2010, nearly 37 million children go to sleep every night without a father or a mother.  What parents bring to their children is vital to their emotional, intellectual, sexual, moral and spiritual development.  The value that they transmit will mold their children to be good persons more particularly exemplary good Christians.


Children ages 6 to 16 were asked what they wish from their parents and here are top 10 responses.  They gave:

10. Parents Who Hugs, Touches, With Affection

9. A Parent Who is Patient

8. A Parent Who Fulfills His Promise

7. A Parent Who Assures, Encourages, Affirms

6. A Parent Who Dialogues, Listens; A Parent Who Gives a Helping Hand, Especially In My Problems

5. A Parent Who Trusts

4. A Parent Who Can Play and Laugh With Me

3. A Parent Who is Always Around; Who Always Have The Time When I Need Him

2. A Parent Who Understands, Cares

1. A Parent Who Loves

It is important to stress this is how Jesus addressed God, and by so doing He is showing us something completely new and unheard of about his relationship with God.

Jesus spoke to God as a child to His Father, showing the same simple intimacy, frankness and trust.  He feels quite at ease with God, His Father.  He feels at home, sharing His life, ideas, affections and yearnings with the Father.  He is really the Son of God; He experiences the Father’s energy and beloved interest; God the Father, loved above all things.  He sees in Him the origin of His being it is from Him that he draws support and light for all His activities.

Jesus by calling Him Father, is telling us in a simple way, the substance of His relationship with God – a filial sharing of His communion with Him.

But why do parents fail?

“The plan of God” is a happy picture of the family.  The family is the domestic church – a mixture of divine and human architecture to live, to preserve itself and to meet God in the home.  The parents by word and example are the first heralds of the faith with regard to their children.  They are called to be living witnesses of Christ, helping one another to attain holiness in their married life and in rearing of their children.

However, the ideal role and expectations are not always realized.  On the latest Pastoral Statements of our Bishops (Saving and Strengthening the Filipino Family), many social institutions are beginning to deform the family in danger of totally breaking the family:

Mass Media – some productions on TV, cinema, internet and the press present programs completely opposed to Christian teachings and basic human integrity.  (ex. Violence, pornographic, sex, etc).

Emotional Maturity:  Formation of children in values is made when parents swings from extremes of permissiveness and authoritarian.

Irresponsibility: persistence of “double standard” where women’s role is child rearing but men have the license to “happy living”.

Marital disagreement:  interfering in-laws, disagreement in financial matters.

Lacking of parental skills.

What is plaguing, Filipino society today may also be attributed to lack of support from the government and even from the Church for programs that will help families nurture their commitment in living out their mission.  This task is enlarged and enriched by all those fruits of moral, spiritual and physical life which the father and mother are called to hand on to their children, to the Church and to the world.

In final analysis, Christian family life is about following Jesus’ command:  “Love one another as I have loved you”.  It is about the yes of forming a family united in love.


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