When God Created the World

Our home, planet earth, began to create about four and a half billion years ago.  God created it freely out of nothing.  And God saw that it was good…very good.

Today, the world is mired in a crisis that imperils its very own existence.  It is true our environment is ailing and it is not because of natural cause.  Much of its sickness stems from the ignorance of many of us, our lack of responsibility and recklessness.

Pope Francis’ call needs to be heard and followed by all, especially us who belong to the Catholic Church, from the hierarchy, government leaders, and ordinary citizens.

Can we remain indifferent before the problems associated with such realities as climate change, the deterioration and loss of productivity in vast agricultural areas, the pollution of rivers and air, the increases of natural catastrophes, and destruction of forest and tropical regions?  Can we disregard the growing refugees, people who are forced and faced the dangers and uncertainties of forced displacement and a healthy well-balanced society?

Let us amend our lives!  It means conversion.  We are all called to ecological conversion or to a change of heart in our treatment of God’s creation.

Let us realize that humanity has disappointed God’s expectation.  We have devastated the wooden plains and valleys, polluted the waters, deformed the earth’s habitats, made the air unbreathable, upset the hydro-ecological system blighted green spaces, destroyed the coral reef, implemented uncontrolled forms of industrialization, continually humiliating the earth by our wasteful and consumerist lifestyle we have been into and which we should correct and amend.

Right now we are facing two very hot issues:  Global warming and climate change.  Global warming is the heating of the Earth’s surface.  We can experience the increase in Earth’s temperature every year.  It can be too hot or too cold.

How far can climate change go?  According to climate experts and environment researchers, twenty years from now the atmosphere of the earth may have three times more carbon dioxide which is toxic to human beings.  The seas will rise.  Extreme weather and climate calamities such as droughts, devastating typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and forest fires will occur.

Climate change is already occurring.  We are already experiencing it.  The air is getting hotter; the frosts are melting, the sea ice is thinning.  Climate change is not good for us.

In the Philippines, wet and dry seasons are the climate that we know and depend on.  Our agriculture depends on the weather patterns.  Our farmers rely on predictable seasons and weather because of the kinds of crops they grow and the time to plant them.

Our other businesses rely on weather conditions like Tourism and many other aspects in our lives that will be subject to change with climate change.

Environmental crisis is indeed a reality today which hinders the realization of the fullness of life.  We should remind ourselves that “the relationship between individuals or the communities and the environment can never be detached from our relationship with God.”


God created an ordered and good world, what have we done with it?



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