An Angel by the Roadside

This is an incident that took place in the roadside on my way home from the bookstore.  I live in the Greenbelt area, a rather busy street in Makati.  But by nine o’clock in the evening there are not as many people and as I made a footpath along Washington Sycip Park where I like to go on solitary walk during the day, I accidentally tripped and fell flat on my back.  I had done this countless times, but this I slipped turning and twisting and completely lost my balance and fell down.  I couldn’t move for several minutes and there was no one around.  I struggled to get up, but I just couldn’t move.  Then I heard a soft penetrating voice behind me.  “I want to help you”.  The voice radiated love and peace, and I immediately said, ‘O please, please help me’.


I felt two hands holding my arms from behind.  The hands lifted me up gently and from the bottom of my heart, I said ‘Thank you, so, very much’.  As I picked up my shoulder bag and a few stuffs, I look around but there was no one there, only the total emptiness of a typical road city landscape after busy hours.  I wondered by asking myself, ‘Who could he be?’  I noticed that he spoke English with a very thick accent.  I only heard the language I expected.

I believe that was another example of the phenomenon we encountered.  Could it be an angel?  My grandpa used to tell me angels do not wish to frighten anyone.  Perhaps an angel can appear as a small child, a man or a woman or just a hiker.  It was actually important that I was not frightened in any way.  Whatever case maybe, I was saved, and was not hurt at all.  I knew I still had a look of surprise in my eyes that night.

The experience was quiet and intense.  Until now I often have a constant sense of bliss, yet, there are also feeling of confusion.  Anyway, the hands that lifted me up was not there for me alone.  The hands are there for each of us, all our lives, and we only have to take hold of it to be pulled safely onto clear roadside.

This incident was not told to show the special things happened to me, but to tell everyone that we are watched over with love.



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