Watching for Christ's Coming

We are in the season of Advent   which means  coming.   You will notice that the
liturgical prayers of the Church at this time refer to the Second Coming of our
Lord.  That indeed is our highest aspiration.

The Lord will come again.  He who has come once is to come again.  He will come
a second time.  We can be assured that the Lord will come again because He has
promised to return.  We have His own word for it.  Among the last word He spoke
to His Apostle John are these:  Surely I will come quickly  (Revelation 22:20).
Our Lord promised to come, and to come in person.
Some try to explain the second coming as though it refers to the time when a
believer dies.  Maybe.  In certain sense He does; but that sense will never bear
out the full meaning of the teaching of the Scripture in full.  Rather, the Lord
himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel
and the trumpet of God (1 Thessalonians 4:16).
He who went up to heaven will come down from heaven, and  He shall stand at the
last day to judge the world.   (John 5:25-29; Matthew 26:63-64)
He came once to redeem.  He should come a second time to claim the inheritance
that He has so dearly bought.  He came once to wear the crown of thorns and was
despised and rejected.  He must come again to wear the crown of universal
Be sure of this:  the whole history of redemption cannot be perfected without
this last act of the coming of the King.  But when will He come?  That is the
question.  The question of questions!  He will come in His own time.  He will
come in due time.  He may not come for a thousand years; He may come tonight. 
The Scriptures tells that:   In such an hour as you think not the Son of Man
come  (Matthew 24:44).
In the meantime, the Lord asks us to watch for Him.  That is the heart of the
text:  Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when He comes shall find
Now what is this watching?  Not wishing to use my own words, the first essential
part of this watching is that we are not be taken up with present things.  As
good Christians, we are not to live the fleshly, selfish life that asks,  What
will I eat and drink?  How can I store up my goods?  Oh, be not earthbound. 
Let s rise to the dignity of our immortal spirits.  Begin to think of the
Kingdom:  the Kingdom so soon to come that our Father has given us, so that you
and I may reign with Him forever.
May the Lord grant that we may believe in our hearts in Jesus Christ and then
wait for His appearing from heaven, for His love's sake.

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