Who pushes your swing?

As a child, I remember how I love to swing.  There’s nothing like it.  Thrusting your feet toward the sky, leaning so far backward that everything looks upside down.  Spinning trees, a stomach that jumps into your throat.  Somehow, if I was being pushed by people I trusted like Papa or Mama, they could do anything they wanted.  They could twist me, turn me, stop me…I loved it!  I loved it because I trusted the person pushing me.  But let a stranger push my swing, which often happened at family reunions and picnics, and it was frightening.  Who knew what this newcomer would do?  When a stranger pushes your swing, you tensed up, and hang on.  It’s no fun when your swing is in the hands of someone you don’t know.
Remember when Jesus stilled the storm in Matthew’s Gospel?  The storm wasn’t just a gentle rain.  This was a storm.  Matthew calls the storm an earthquake.  It was frightening enough to scare the disciples.  Even veteran fisherman like Peter knew this storm could be their last.  So, with fear and water on their faces, they ran to wake up Jesus.

Jesus was asleep.  Waves tossing the boat, and Jesus was asleep.  Water flooding the deck and soaking the disciples and Jesus was asleep.  How in the world could He sleep through a storm? 
Think about it…He knew who was pushing the swing.
The disciples’ knees were knocking because their swing was being pushed by a stranger.  Not so with Jesus.  He could find peace in the storm.
We live in a stormy world. At this writing, wars rage in both sides of our globe.  World conflict is threatening all humanity.  Jobs are getting scarce.  Money continues to get tight.  Families are coming apart.
Everywhere I look, private storms occur.  Greed, poverty, sickness, ignorance, strained marriages, broken hearts, lonely evenings.  We must remember who is pushing the swing.  We must put our trust in Him.  We can’t grow fearful.  He won’t let us tumble out.
Who pushes your swing?  In the right hands, you can find peace…even in the storm.

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