Jesus instituted the Eucharist for love.  It was for love of us.

When we begin to understand the Eucharist, we will begin to comprehend the depth of Jesus’ love for us and the extent of His humility.

Look at the Host, that small round, flat bread having the appearance of a wafer.  This seeming host is man – Jesus Christ, born of the Holy Spirit and Mary, healer of lepers, giver of sight.  It is He who wept at Lazarus’ grave, who asked drink of the Samaritan woman, who whipped the money-changer, who forgave the adulteress, it is Jesus, the Healer, the Teacher, the Savior.  This Host is man – Jesus Himself.

But more wonder by far, this Host is God: all-mighty, all knowing, all-holy, all good, all loving.  This seeming bread is the will who brought all things out of nothing.  The Power who keeps the universe in existence, the intelligence from whom all knowledge and order spring.

This Host is God.  This Host made us, keeps us in existence.  This Host provides us food and shelter, sends us all our good thoughts and impulses.

This Host will one day judge us.

This Host is God – and man – Jesus Himself.  We say it, but we cannot comprehend it.  And this Host loves us so dearly that It calls us to be Its other self.  It has planned our road, has made Itself the very food for our soul so that we may partake in a wondrous intimacy of Its own nature.

Look at the Host, knowing that we gaze at one real Person with two nature:  The nature of God and the nature of man.

He trust Himself to us in the Eucharist.  Trust also ourselves to Him!  He makes Himself plain and He makes Himself mysterious.  He becomes man and He becomes as bread, whatever is easier for us, better for us, best adapted to serve in our weakness, as through we were the Lord, and He were the servant.

Jesus is the Eucharist, and the Eucharist is Jesus…delivered Himself for us as an offering to the Father in heaven.

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