Be a Welcoming Light

It is the sweetest thing we can know that the Lord will come again.  He who came once is to come again, because He has promised to return.  He would have us wait with our lights burning.  It is a very blessed thing to be in the watch for Christ; it is a blessing to us now.  How it detaches us from the world!  You can be poor without murmuring; you can be rich without worldliness; you can be sick without sorrowing; you can be healthy without presumption.  As we wait for Christ’s coming, blessings are wrapped up in that wonderful hope.

A good motto for guidance is this:  What would Jesus think of me if He were to come right now?  There are some places into which I should not go because I would not like the Lord to find me

there.  There are some kinds of amusements I should never enter because I would be so ashamed for the Lord to come and find me there.  There are some conditions of anger, temper, pride or spiritual slot in which I would not like to be if I knew that the Lord is coming.

I’ll try every morning to get up if that were the morning Christ would come.  When I go up to bed at night, I would lie down with this thought:  Perhaps I will be awakened by the ringing of the heavenly trumpets heralding His coming.  Let’s take this as the guideline for our whole life.

So live daily in duty and devotion that our Lord’s coming would be timely.  Go about our service and business and “abide His truth, following His example, and making Him our dwelling place”.

The great judge Himself will come unexpectedly, then give the decision.  He will pronounce sentence upon the upright and the wicked.  No partiality will be seen.  All men will stand before one great judgment.  Evidences will be given concerning us all.  There has been a day for sinning; there ought to be a day for punishing.

We will wait upon the Lord in prayer and atonement for our sins, receive the sacraments of grace, and publish and spread to all around the doctrine of “believe and live”.  Then when Christ comes, He will say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant…enter you into the joy of your Lord” (Matthew 25:23).

Meanwhile, rejoice and be glad.  The man of Nazareth who came on the First Christmas will come again.  None will spit on His face then, but every knee will bow before Him.  The Crucified will come again, and although the nail prints will still be visible, no nails will then fasten His dear hands to the tree.  Instead, He will grasp the scepter of universal sovereignty, and He will reign forever and ever.


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