‘I am here to be with you.’ The Holy Father stayed with us for a while, and seeing him passed by was a grace. One could feel that Jesus is truly inside him. It was not just a visit, it was indeed a spiritual

renewal of faith. He has won the hearts of devout and doubters alike with his emphasis in the need to return to the basic teachings of Christ.


He made the call for the Church to be a “poor Church for the poor”. He urged the Church leaders and the lay faithful to live simply and love the poor which is the social doctrine of the Church. He saw the existing situations in our society. While too many people live below poverty level, others are caught up in materialism and extravagant lifestyle. They are distractive to the most basic demands of Christian morality.

About half of the country’s population are working abroad leaving their families behind. He knew the economic benefits that it brings, but, it will never compensate for the loss of the parent from the children

and the stability and break down of the family. “Take care of the little children of God, just as Jesus tells us… to have their wisdom which is not the wisdom of the world. Protect them from sin and vice so they

can be missionaries of faith. We need to see children as a gift of God to us and they should be welcomed, cherished, and protected; not allowing them to be robbed of hope and condemned to a life on the street”.

The Pope lamented the fact that in a government characterized by a severe corruption and injustices against the poor and the helpless by those who monopolize power and wealth, the poor do no stand a



He prayed for blessing for all Filipino families so as not to be lured by the devil who distracts us with the promise of pleasure and superficial past times. Often he hides his snares behind the appearance of sophistication,

the lure of being modern like everyone else. The devil attracts, and so we squander our God-given gifts by tickering to modern electronic gadgets, we squander on money, on gambling, on sex, on drugs, and on other

vices. We just turn in to ourselves. Do the things that really matter, he said.


The Vatican spokesman, Rev. Fr. Federico Lombardi affirmed the teaching of the Church on gay marriage as what the Pope described as “ideological colonization”. It threatens the foundation of families.

The family is based on the union of a man and a woman and the children that comes from that union. The Church doesn’t recognize other definition of family. The battle against Reproductive Health Bill (now a

law) was the most divisive for Filipino Catholics which some of them left the Church because the exit door is opened wide.


The Pope stressed that life is the most important gift of God to man. It must be protected from conception to natural death. The Church stands firm about this. On his visit to Tacloban to be with the victims of

the super typhoon that hit the area last year, the storm blew through the whole region, but was not a problem at all to the Pope. Clad in plastic raincoat, he delivered a message of hope to all who lost their loved ones,

their homes and their livelihood in the onslaught of the typhoon. He consoled the people to trust Jesus Christ, who Himself had suffered pain, loneliness and humiliation. He also told the crowd to hold on to Mary

and tell her what they feel in their hearts. Pope Francis was able to take the rain and winds on his brief stay in our country. Like Christ standing in a fishing boat tossing in the sea, his characteristic of

calmness assured everybody around him not to worry. Thank you, Santo Padre, for moving our lives.




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