Winning the Battle

A number of years ago, Gian Marco, an Italian-American teenage boy attended the Sunday School in our parish.  He always felt he was too old for the program.  About halfway through the course he stopped me in the hallway one day and simply said, “You have no idea what’s going on in my life.”  He was right; I have no idea!  I encouraged him to keep attending and to apply the truths he learned to his life.

After five long years, Gian Marco sent me the following letter from Seattle, Washington.

Dear Mrs. Alberto,

I just want to thank you for how the Lord has used your class to change my life. I am sorry for not writing sooner.

The past few years of my life has been a constant struggle for the control of my mind.   I was ignorant of my position and authority of Christ, and equally ignorant of Satan’s ability to deceive me.  My mind was bombarded by hostile angry thought.  I felt guilty and wondered what was wrong with me.  I didn’t understand how much bondage I was in until I thought about what you said to us about angels and demons in Sunday School.

I believe in angels.  My grandma taught us about them.  But I thought demons didn’t really affect Christians.  When you described a person influenced by demons, I just almost passed out from shock then.  You were describing me.

For the first time in my life I can identify Satan’s attack and really resist him.  I’m not paralyzed by fear anymore and my mind is much less cluttered.  I can tell you, I’m pretty excited about this.

Thanks again so much.

Gian Marco

Gian Marco represents untold numbers of child of God all right, but he was a defeated child of God, the unwitting victim of the deceiver.  He perhaps didn’t understand well enough his identity in Christ and was being destroyed for lack of faith.

When people like Gian Marco realize that they can be transformed by renewing their mind, they will experience the freedom that Gian Marco wrote about.

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