FAITHbook Status

Before the holy hour, Msgr. Dennis S. Odiver showed us a PowerPoint presentation about The Year of the Poor. And I began to understand what I ignored. While several points were raised, what echoes in my mind were: Do Justice; Love Kindness; Look up to Jesus; Listen to Jesus; The Logo and The Image of Jesus embracing a half-naked man. I smile at the thought of Jesus taking off His wardrobe to clothe him who is bare.

I remember once, I asked my cousin-priest: “Do you see Jesus in all the faces of the people you meet?” He answered on the negative. While I nod, he added – “But it is a challenge.” And so I thought.

To look up to Jesus is not only to see the cross. I could but grimace imagining the scourge, crown of thorns, lance or whip that tore His skin. To look up to Jesus is to see love triumph over suffering. It is His eyes, His gaze that in silence overshadows doubt. Only when we bow and close our eyes that we could see Him clearly. He is the light and our mind settled. Questions, hypothesis, observation and arguments are all inferior to the sight we see and whose heart we listen to. What a gift to capture those moments!

To do justice, I am currently toiling to make it more concrete. I pray in God’s grace, it will be realized in five years. To love kindness, I am striving. How difficult it is.

Unworthy sinful being that I am, I embrace the challenge of seeing Jesus’ face in the face of people I meet especially the poor – though I believe I am also one – a poor gazing at a fellow poor.

My FB status is constantly being updated. Let it not be complicated like mine. At the close of each Thursday, it is always good to reassess and rediscover our path that leads to Him. Please join us every Thursday’s Holy Hour after the 6:30 p.m. mass. Look up to Jesus. Listen to Jesus.

And so I then ask, “What is your FAITHbook status?”

Like Pope Francis to the youth (Rikki) in UST, let us answer in our hearts.


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