Prelude to the Passion

The day arrived when our Lord had to leave Galilee for the last time.  Mary was deeply saddened and wept quietly.  Jesus consoled her lovingly and explained to her that He must now fulfill the mission for which the Father had sent Him into the world.
Mary knew the dangers to which her Son would be exposed on the account of His teachings, miracles, and conversions which Jesus accomplished.
During the last year of His public Ministry, Jesus decided to prepare His Apostles for the shock of His Passion by revealing to them beforehand the divine glory of their Master whom they were soon to see scourged and crucified.

As He told His Mother that He must go to Jerusalem, Mary was troubled, but she knew she must continue to be strong and brave, in order to strengthen and edify the Apostles.
The Blessed Virgin treated her Son’s followers, and especially His Apostles with remarkable love.  As a Mother she took care of them and looked after their needs and comfort.  But above all she helped them by her prayer, her example, and her advice.  Jesus also infused into the souls of His disciples a supernatural reverence and love for His Mother, which grew as they come to know her better.  Whenever they talked to her, they found that they left her presence filled with new joy and consolation.
Mary had a special affection for Peter, because she knew that he was destined to be the Lord’s vicar, and for John, because he was to be given to her as a son and protector on Calvary.  She always considered him the most faithful of her Son’s followers.
During these days, the Savior passed every moment He could spare with His mother who was inexpressively sad.  He disclosed to her many divine mysteries concerning the Redemption and He told her all that she was to do during His Passion and Death.  In these talks He spoke to her with new reserve and majesty, for now the tenderness of a son toward His mother had ceased.
Then, as Mary made a silent offering to her grieving heart to God, He gave His blessing, and stepping slowly past her, He set out for Jerusalem that Palm Sunday morning.
Sources:  The Life of Mary (Revelations of St. Bridget of Sweden)
Holy Scripture:  Luke 22:14, Mark 10:32-34, John 12:12


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