The Beautiful Virtue of Humility

Jesus can be our model in humility.  Perhaps some would think He cannot be our model, because, being God, He is omnipotent.  How wrong it is for anyone to think that way.  Did Jesus call His divinity in Bethlehem to provide shelter or comfort for the Holy Family?  When Herod sought His life, did He save Himself through omnipotence?  Joseph and Mary fled with Him on the long, hard journey, exactly as any other parents with a child would have had to do.  Did He make His childhood easy with miracles?  None of His friends in Nazareth saw Him as other than the son of Joseph and Mary.


When He was famished after fasting forty days in the desert and was tempted by Satan to make bread of stones, did He use His omnipotence to serve Himself?  And when He miraculously multiplied the loaves and fishes was it not to feed others, not Himself?  When He was tired, He slept; when Lazarus died, He wept; and when He was maligned, He was sad.


As we study His miracles we will see that they were done to help the needy and to prove His divinity that men might believe in Him and be saved.  Never did He use His supernatural power to serve Himself; always it was to carry out the eternal plans of His Father.


And when finally His time had come, He freely delivered Himself into their hands.  Though He could have freed Himself by a mere thought, He allowed Himself to be scourged mercilessly and crowned with thorns.  He bore His cross, falling beneath it and rising again, accepting the help of Simon, but doing nothing of Himself to ease His agony.  On the Cross He forgave the thief in another manifestation of His divinity; but He would not come down from his bed of torment.


Yes, Jesus tells us He can be our model.  Are we humble like Jesus?  Let’s ask ourselves.  Do I delight in talking about myself in self-praise?  Am I a “show-off,” a monopolizer of conversation?  Am I argumentative, easily angered, sarcastic?  Do I refuse to take correction, excusing myself and blaming others when things go wrong?  Do I complain about the way people treat me?  Do I find it hard to obey my superiors?  Do I refuse to obey my equals or inferiors?


Because Jesus is God.  He resists the proud and exalt the humble.  We need His help.  Ask it!  His desire is to give, and to give abundantly, full measure, pressed down, and running over.  After all, humility is the key to peace of soul.


Say with me now this prayer:  “Dear Lord, so meek and humble of heart, help me to learn and love humility.  Restrain my tongue when I would speak of myself.  Check me when I would become contentious, quarrelsome, dissatisfied with my lot.  Help me to think a little as possible of myself, and as much as possible of the Blessed Trinity and of others, my brothers in whom I must see Yourself.”






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