The Week that Changed the World

Today, more than ever, we need to reaffirm the astounding message that God so loved us that He sent His own Son to suffer and die for us and the central event of our Christian faith – the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

In the midst of all the difficulties and challenges of the present times, the message of Lent and Easter becomes more urgent so that we can maintain our faith and hope that indeed God is with us, reconciliation is possible, and good will come out of all these.

And as we share this final journey with the Lord, let us remind ourselves that our lives are journey too that takes us to Him…and He is always with us.

PALM SUNDAY. Palm Sunday marks the day when the people sang praise to Jesus as He entered Jerusalem.  It was a day of triumph for Him, a day when the hearts of people overflowed with love for Him and welcomed Him with palms they strew His way with song they greeted Him.

MONDAY (HOLY WEEK). At the house of Lazarus, Mary anointed Jesus’ feet as a supreme moment of loving devotion to Him.  Let this be our attitude for this entire week and direct our entire attention towards Jesus.

TUESDAY (HOLY WEEK). Jesus announced His betrayal by Judas and by denial of Peter.  We too have betrayed Him and denied Him many times also.  We have run away from the Cross very often and pretended not to know Him.

WEDNESDAY (HOLY WEEK). The Savior of mankind humbled Himself by being obedient, even to accept death on the cross.  May He give all of us, His faithful people the gifts of obedience and patient endurance.

HOLY THURSDAY. In the evening, the Apostles gathered together for Paschal Meal, and our Lord washed their feet.  It is again the example of His own life that Jesus tells us to love one another, without presuming that we should be loved in return; to serve others with humility, without expecting to be served in return – not even by those whom we think are closest to us.

During the Last Supper, Our Lord instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist as His eternal memorial.  Jesus asked us not to forget Him.  Whenever we participate in the breaking of bread and the consecration of wine, He is present.  The Eucharist is our act of fidelity to Jesus, who pleaded with us not to forget Him.

At the Garden of Olives, on the night He was betrayed, our Savior showed us the greatness of His love for us and His perfect obedience to the will of the Father.

GOOD FRIDAY. On Good Friday, we commemorate Christ’s death on the Cross.  The Cross is not a place for dreams.  For there, high on the Cross, the Crucified Christ bore witness to an immense love that seek to give, until it is exhausted.  There, high on the Cross, the Crucified Christ gave promises of life forever and a Kingdom with God as its center.  There, high on the Cross, with tears still wet on His face, He brought us – to teach each one of us – the message of His Father: “I LOVE YOU”.

HOLY SATURDAY. Holy Saturday is a day of quiet anticipation of, and preparation for the joyful celebration of Easter.  It’s a time to think about how we have shared in Jesus’ Cross.  Every time we give ourselves to someone else, every act of kindness, of sharing life and love, is a sharing of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Our Lord suffered and was buried for us in order to rise again.  Through baptism we were buried with Him, risen also with Him, may we walk with Him in newness of life.

EASTER SUNDAY. Easter is symbolized by dawn and lilies.  Easter is given sacramental expression in the light of dawn and in the life of lilies.  Easter is a time for fresh water rather than blood, a time for flowers rather than nails, for peace in place of pain, for open fields rather than for the hill of skull.  Easter heals Calvary and reveals to us what happens when hope is steadfast unto death.

It is from celebration of Easter that lent draws its meaning.  The redemption is completed.  The death is conquered.  That sin is over thrown by mercy poured out in super-abundance from the tree of the Cross.

While for many people, Christmas is the happiest time of the Church calendar, for the mature Christian, Easter is the most joyful and the foundation of our Christmas cheer.

My hope is that this little reflection will be of some help to you in your journey with Christ from the Garden of Gethsemane to the garden of the empty tomb of Our Risen Lord!

“The Closer we come to God, the closer we come to each other.”

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