The Challenge of Being a Grandmother

It’s Mother’s Day.  A day for celebrating, a day for honoring, a day when your children overlook your faults and tell you how great you are.  A day to honor the mothers in your own life.

Childhood memories and warm feelings engulfed me to write about grandmothers.  The traditional picture of a grandmother is someone who is gentle, loving, precious, wise person and can do no wrong in the eyes of her grandchildren.  For some reason, little children look to their grandmother as being special creatures who know about everything.  I remember as a little child when my mother ran into something that she wasn’t sure about, I would say, “Let’s ask Lola.  She will know.”

Grandmothers are expected to be saintly women with a special line straight to heaven.  Now that I have become a grandmother, I realized that just isn’t so.  I didn’t suddenly become a superwise woman with a special endownment on the day my first grandchild was born.  But I am today what I have been becoming and am the product of what controls my life:  Christ or self.

It is time that a grandmother can have a great influence on a child’s life.  Many children have been led to Christ at their grandmother’s knee.  Because she is usually not involved in the work and keeping of a child, a grandmother can spend more time talking to, reading with and playing with him.  Her influence can be toward spiritual things or just plain fun.  When the grandchildren are left in her care, she will have no problem disciplining and training the children, rather than allowing their wrongdoings to go unnoticed.

This is one area where I feel much wiser as a grandmother than I did as a mother.  I believe I was often too rigid, whereas now I am more relaxed in some less-important areas.  Some things that I used to feel very strongly about preventing, I now tolerate.

There is a real need for grandparents to pray for their grandchildren.  The world in which they are growing up today is so much different from the one in which we raised our children.  Grandparents have a responsibility to not only pray, but to teach those things of the Lord which they have learned to their grandchildren.

The contented, godly grandmothers will have much to thank and praise our dear Lord for.  The joy will come when she sees her children and grandchildren in the family of God and knows that it was the love which she shared with one another that started it all.

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