Seeing Jesus in You

Hats off to the biblical and catechetical studies. These, together with the poor were my tutors.

In my experience, these three – biblical studies, catechesis and the poor always go together.  One cannot be without the other.

When I was attending catechetical formation at the Layforce, we were made to identify and memorize the most important tenents of the Faith.  If I remember right, social justice and liberation was not one of them.  However, years before that, Christians who proclaimed and work for social justice were called communists.  And church people were so afraid of the word ‘liberation’.

And yet there it is, at the very heart of Jesus’ message.  Why have we missed out?  One reason for missing out is the greater emphasis given to abstract and dogmatic truths and less to Jesus’ simple, down to earth commentaries about real life.

What do we do to understand Jesus properly?  The answer is clear...and hard:  We need to see Jesus through the eyes of the poor in struggle.  Without living contact with the poor, knowing  Jesus is a most difficult task – even for people who have given much thought and study of Jesus.

Once this difficult task is faced and done, however, rediscovering Jesus is easy, even pleasant, and can even be a way of life.  After all, Jesus was basically an unsophisticated person, not a metaphysical puzzle.

I hope that our journey together says as much.  The memory of my childhood is not likely to ever come back, but Jesus is always available and waiting to be rediscovered.  We need also to discover the structure – including culture and society.  All this with a good measure of biblical compassion are indispensable components of pastoral work, catechesis, and evangelization today.  Like Jesus, may we be able to say: “The Kingdom of God – or something of it – is already among us.  How to go about it?  Books, seminars, lectures, internet?  Perhaps, perhaps not.

I recommend still another look at Jesus.  It is life and struggle of the poor.  Jesus is there.  He always has been.

Our journey takes us to a point where we begin to ask:  “What is my role in all this?  To put it simple: If the Kingdom is something that should be present, do we have a role in bringing about Kingdom – blessings in our times?

Obviously our kingdom – works today, cannot be a photocopy of Jesus’ in His time.  But one that we do have in common with Jesus’ the concern for fullness of life and well-being for human especially the poor.

We have some roadsigns from the four gospel writers.  In this roadsigns Jesus’ mission is expressed for love and concern for the poor.

Be Still and Know...

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