What if a survey was done among our leaders on what books they read?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out what book has become their roadmap to life – the one they keep on going back to when they are losing or winning, afraid or confident; when they are at the cups of making critical decisions?  As a general rule, we become the kind of books we read.

Last night I watched a 1937 movie on TV about a duchess who had ample goods laid up for many years.  In it Greta Garbo who played the role made a last – ditch effort to harpoon her obsessions – good stuff.  She told herself, “relax, eat, drink, and be merry.”

In today’s language her self-advice might be translated, “shop, splurge, and consume – and let it bring you happiness.”

Hats off to the biblical and catechetical studies. These, together with the poor were my tutors.

In my experience, these three – biblical studies, catechesis and the poor always go together.  One cannot be without the other.

When I was attending catechetical formation at the Layforce, we were made to identify and memorize the most important tenents of the Faith.  If I remember right, social justice and liberation was not one of them.  However, years before that, Christians who proclaimed and work for social justice were called communists.  And church people were so afraid of the word ‘liberation’.

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