A number of years ago, Gian Marco, an Italian-American teenage boy attended the Sunday School in our parish.  He always felt he was too old for the program.  About halfway through the course he stopped me in the hallway one day and simply said, “You have no idea what’s going on in my life.”  He was right; I have no idea!  I encouraged him to keep attending and to apply the truths he learned to his life.

After five long years, Gian Marco sent me the following letter from Seattle, Washington.


‘I am here to be with you.’ The Holy Father stayed with us for a while, and seeing him passed by was a grace. One could feel that Jesus is truly inside him. It was not just a visit, it was indeed a spiritual

renewal of faith. He has won the hearts of devout and doubters alike with his emphasis in the need to return to the basic teachings of Christ.


He made the call for the Church to be a “poor Church for the poor”. He urged the Church leaders and the lay faithful to live simply and love the poor which is the social doctrine of the Church. He saw the existing situations in our society. While too many people live below poverty level, others are caught up in materialism and extravagant lifestyle. They are distractive to the most basic demands of Christian morality.

The Pope dressed in white ancient custom, with a cross over his chest disembarked from the flag carrier of Sri Lanka at Villamor Air Base at 5:45pm, Thursday the 15th of January.
In front of the TV set where I watched the Apostolic visit of the Holy Father, I felt confronted with him. This man of God is a mystery in and himself, a sign of contradiction. He is leader of the Catholic Church and the Vicar of Christ. He is considered the man of earth who represents the Son of God, “who takes the place” of the second person of the Omnipotent God of the Trinity.
Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on a cold night of December 17, 1936 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the eldest among the five children of Mario Jose Francisco Bergoglio and Regina Sivori. Both Italian descent.

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