Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!
His love endures forever. (Psalm 136:1)

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see and feel anew the bounties of nature, the magic of sunshine, the shower of rain, and the refreshing air in the morning and sunset.
Thank you, Lord, for the love of family, affection of friends, and deep concern of people, even those who do not belong to my faith, for their many kindness.
Thank you, Lord, for each day not marred by fear of a test, a feud with a friend, or housework mislaid.
Thank you, Lord, for cheerful conversation, help given, unasked, and a kiss in passing from a son who long since thought himself too big for such display of affection.
Thank you, Lord, that as well as the expense, the worries and grey Mondays, we have days like this: jewel – bright, filled with love and laughter.  Help me to appreciate it now and remember it later when the storms blew up again.
Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful privilege of witnessing to that love and proclaiming Your Name throughout the year.
Thank you, Lord, for your abiding love for me, despite all my weaknesses, my fears, my anxieties through the turmoil of this troubled world.
And, thank you, Lord for giving me another year of my life.
May this testimony be acceptable in Your sight and may Your blessing abide with us through the coming year – Thank You, God.

Many years back in the Holy Land, we climbed the very hill that Mary climbed when she visited Elizabeth, who was in her sixth month of pregnancy.  I had imagined then a young beautiful and simple Jewish maiden frolicking and gathering wild flowers along the way as a present for her cousin. 
At the Church of the Nativity, the priest said such thoughtful and beautiful things about Mary.  Mary’s characteristics and background were ordinary that at that time she would hardly qualify to be God’s chosen for a major task.    But God chose her, a seemingly naïve person from whom was demanded a great act of obedience.
Because of her trust and obedience to God, she is called the new “Eve”.  The name “Eve” is taken from the Hebrew word “hawah”, a verb which means ‘to live’.  Eve, the first woman, was a virgin at the time that she was tempted by a serpent in the garden.
Thus, Eve, a virgin conceived disobedience and death.  Whereas, Mary, a virgin conceived the Word in Obedience and brought forth life.  Mary is treated as the New or Second Eve who is the beginning of the second Creation or re-creation of humanity through the Redemption.
By giving her consent to God’s request, Mary has been the cause of man’s obtaining the joy of heaven again because she gave us our divine Redeemer.  Jesus Christ of course, is the direct cause, for by His voluntary death on the Cross, He opened the gates of heaven.  By His life on earth, He has shown us how to get to heaven.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Life.  He is Mary’s child.  She gave Him to us.  In accord with God’s will, she willed to be the Mother of the Redeemer, and she knew what it meant.
Knowing this, how was Mary utter her “Fiat” with so much love, with so much sincerity, and with so much trust.
Mary is the Mother of the Savior of the world.  She gave her life to give life to Jesus.  Jesus came into the world and gave His life for us.  We, in turn, give our life back to Him.

Jesus is the reason for the Season.
Mary is our Christmas “Eve”.

May all the joy of the nativity be yours.

We are in the season of Advent   which means  coming.   You will notice that the
liturgical prayers of the Church at this time refer to the Second Coming of our
Lord.  That indeed is our highest aspiration.

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