Pondo ng Pinoy celebrates 6 fruitful years

Over the past 6 years, Pondo ng Pinoy has been an effective means to help the many especially the poorest and most neglected in the community. The small change of 25 centavos, negligible to many were given not simply to raise money but with the dream of building a fullness of life for human kind. This beautiful vision of the Pondo ng Pinoy is not untrue. Confident in our Lord Jesus Christ and His word, we believe that we can realize our dream.

As Pondo ng Pinoy grew, it became clear that the project is not about fund raising but a way of life. It became a nationwide project to alleviate the poor by doing little things but repeated acts of compassion, solidarity and sharing. The act of sharing the crumbs to the poor is not a mere gesture of compassion but an expression of love. The “givers’ and “receivers” are both transformed by love and goodness.

There is a need for all of us to act swiftly as Pondo ng Pinoy is fast becoming a way to build a community.Although the Pondo ng Pinoy is initiated by the church, the community owns the fund it generates with the purpose of helping the needy even beyond the Catholic Church. Whatever revenues may be gained from it, Pondo ng Pinoy shall be used solely to support socio-economic development programs for all Filipino
brothers and sisters especially the poor.

Priority has been given to the projects on Micro-Finance (individual and group lending for livelihood or
enterprise development); Micro – Enterprise (generation of employment for the poor); Housing (providing decent housing to poor families with secured land titles but no means to construct their houses); Education (assistance to poor students to acquire formal education, and enhancement of skills for gainful employment or business enterprises for adults) Health (improved and sustained health condition in poor communities)

Priority for funding has been accorded to poverty – stricken provinces who are actively participating in the implementation or monitoring of the projects. There is an urgent need for us to put our acts together and build a community where God reigns and the love of God is experienced in small but repeated acts of goodness towards neighbors, bringing hope and making this world a more humane world for all of us to live in.


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