Pondo ng Pinoy - A Pursuit to Human Dignity


The beautiful vision of Pondo ng Pinoy which claims the fullness of life for human-kind is not untrue. This desire can be realized. Pondo ng Pinoy is moving towards the full development of people especially the poor who make up the majority of persons in our society. It all started with easy ,little steps we did together as a community of believers doing little daily acts of goodness or kindness in a society that is strongly attracted by the macro in the weird world of individual ang global self-interest. In a world where only the great and the powerful make an impressive decision, the small are generally left out.


The poor can no longer afford “other misadventures” of any kind. No less than our Lord Jesus said “ I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”(John 10:10).


Through Pondo ng Pinoy, development has started with those who need it most, the poor. The Christian model is always Jesus’ own method proceeding from love for the poor and compassion with the poor.

His greatest command of love: “Love one another as I have loved you.” is realized in many ways by us. But, how often do we think that such a command required some kind of spectacular response.

This way of thinking maybe contrary to the teachings of Christ himself who said: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.” The word “do” refer to the work of feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, welcoming homeless and other works and actions of compassion and help for the needy.

It is clear that the simple act of compassion is a sign of great love. This is the principle and heart of Pondo ng Pinoy. The offering of coins, which is almost of no value, like 25 cents or 50 cents, if given with love can be an expression of clear and living out the love of Christ.

Being a part of God’s family, let us be open to support in the mission of Pondo ng Pinoy. The best way is to startwith our family, and allow each member to be a part of the mission that will enable him or her to be concerned about the needs of the less fortunate among us. In so doing, the givers and the receivers are both transformed by love and goodness.

The fullness of life is for all according to God’s plan, not only material prosperity but the sense of total wellbeing - physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually, as individual and as a community, here and now and hereafter.


Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

6:30am - Filipino
8:00am - English
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11:00am - English

12:15n.n - English

3:30pm - Filipino
5:00pm - English
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