A Time to Journey Together

The Pondo ng Pinoy is not just a fund raising nor simply a dole out. It is not a one shot deal. It is committed to on-going catechesis, ever deepening conversion, a new way of thinking and transformed way of living, of being a church today in our country.

We live today as people full of fear and uncertainty. If we look at our landscape we see obstacles to human development. People are without work, without sufficient food and with no decent home – they are generally poor. There is illness and among the many  that get sick are the poor who become victims of epidemics and other serious sickness. Millions of Filipinos have been lured to gambling and these are groups that run the system and become super rich.

The development suffer precisely because of the mentality of quick money without passing through the moral process of honest effort and perseverance.


Pondo ng Pinoy calls us to work hard to overcome the culture of gambling, the culture of illusions, dependency and easy money. Anything less than human effort escapes the blessing of the Lord.
The Pondo ng Pinoy movement encourages us to journey together and that we have done so little to the common good of all because of our inaction.Unconcern, often thinking about our own interest and so little sense for the future of our country. Many of us believe that the problems we face are simple fear and imagined wrongs because these are what we get in the newspaper and on television.

There is the general cry from the people: “Enough of the paralyzing divisions in the body politics. Bring issues to the courts and trust them to do their job. And help us get in with our lives, with our concern for livelihood.”

Let us begin with ourselves, families and communities. We have to come together, reason together, decide together, act  together and pray together. We can do it on our parish, social action groups, and organizations  most especially in basic ecclesial communities as instruments in community building.

We need courage and determination to face our countless troubles as a country. Back to basics in everything if we hope to move forward. We need to be decisive to work hard to address these. In order not to be discouraged, let us be clear that this means a long journey, a long struggle. As long as we help each other and with God’s blessings, we shall make it.

One message that is repeated in the Holy Bible again and again is the call of God telling us “Be not afraid.”

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

6:30am - Filipino
8:00am - English
9:30am - English
11:00am - English

12:15n.n - English

3:30pm - Filipino
5:00pm - English
6:30pm - English
8:00pm - English

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