Pondo ng Pinoy Continues

The mission of Pondo ng Pinoy enables us to imitate Christ in his healing ministry by serving others wholeheartedly.

Human life is finite; we sometimes fall into sickness and woundedness. Our life on earth is short and has an end. Jesus intended that his ministry of healing be continued until the end of time. “As you go, make the announcement: The reign of God is at hand! Cure the sick, raise the dead, heal the lepers, and expel demons. The gift you have received give as a gift.” (Mt 10:7-8)

Today one of the outstanding ways Jesus cares for the sick and heals them is through Catholic hospitals. Evangelization in the Philippines has made use of these institutions to bring comfort and healing of Christ to people. They witness to the Gospel by their dedication and compassionate attention and care for the sick.


Aside from those who work in the hospitals, Pondo ng Pinoy movement has organized community-based program on healing and proper care for the sick in remote areas. For a good number of years, trained community-based health care workers often work as volunteers, with little or no remuneration. They help not only towards the cure of diseases but towards their prevention. They have developed indigenous and inexpensive medicine affordable by the poor.


It is also important for us to see our own need for healing not only physically but also spiritually. God desires that we be freed from our own spiritual illness and personal sins. Therefore, we who are sick spiritually because of sin are called by God to approach Him to obtain healing and forgiveness through the sacrament of reconciliation. By this sacrament Jesus in the Holy Spirit forgives our sins that often are the cause of sickness in ourselves and others; through forgiveness we are restored to His love and reconciled with the Holy Church.

Jesus as the Great Healer of all kinds of sickness values the human body because partakes in our reality as having created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore we need to maintain this grace of wellness through respect and proper care of ourselves. We need to avoid any act that is detrimental to our health of body and spirit.

Our dear Lord wants fullness of life for us, he invites us to care for our body and spirit. He wants us to be compassionate towards those who suffer due to sickness. Indifference kills and it is precisely what hinders our fullness and that of others.

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