Subtle Attacks against the Family Explained (SAFE)

The Vicariate Ministry of Family and Life of Sts. Peter and Paul sponsored a seminar on Subtle Attacks against the Family Explained (SAFE).  Attended by workers of the various parishes of the Vicariate, the Seminar was held in the SAAP.premises and coordinated by Ed and Pinky Cuenca, Vicariate Couple Coordinator .

The first day of the seminar concentrated on the issues on global population. It has been noted that population is not increasing but a bigger percentage of countries have declining population. Countries who introduced population control early in the 70’s are now having issues with low birthrates and having more senior citizens to take care. With low birthrates, there are less and less young people in the workforce and aged workers have to stay longer at work to support themselves as they grow older in their senior years. Because of this, countries like Singapore and  Japan are even giving incentives to couples to give birth.


It has also been discussed that the whole world is so vast that even just the state of Texas can already accommodate the whole world’s existing population. In our country, it was also shown that overpopulation is not happening in all provinces, it only happens on major cities like here in Metro Manila. Is there overpopulation in Laguna, in Batangas, in Mindanao? None.


Why is population control being pushed?  Because of the foreign funding that is made available should bills supporting it be passed.
Speaker of the said event was Fr. Gregory Gaston , who has worked in Rome in the Pontotifical Commission of Family and Life and eventually designed the Seminar: SAFE.

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