St Andrew Honors Our Lady of Lourdes


In the southern part of France, at the base of range mountains, there nestles the world famous town of Lourdes. Bernadette Souberious, the daughter of a poor day – laborer, was a small and delicate child. She was unschooled and not even made her first communion at the age of fourteen. The only thing notable about her was her profound innocence and great love of prayer. THE FIRST APPARITION
It was Thursday, February 11, 1858, Bernadette have been sent with two girl companions to gather wood. There was a stream used to catch up bits of driftwood in a small cave at its base. As Bernadette took off her shoes and follow her companions in crossing the stream, she heard a swishing noise. She looked up but no wind was stirring the leaves of the trees. She only noticed that a wild rose tree in the hollow of the rock was being gently shaken. Suddenly a ring of brilliant light ran around the niche and within it, She saw a lady of unspeakable beauty. The lady was clad in a white garment with a white veil covering her head and shoulders. She wore a light blue girdle. Her hands were folded before her breast and in her arms hung a rosary. She smiled and made a large sign of the cross with the crucifix of her rosary and proceeded to say the rosary. Bernadette at once fell on her knees and followed the example of the vision. When Bernadette had finished the rosary the lady vanished. The companions of Bernadette had seen nothing.
In the following apparition, the lady asked the child to keep coming to the grotto for a fortnight and the child readily promised. The lady promised them to be happy not in this world but in the next. The two women who had accompanied Bernadette asked if they also might come. The lady replied, “They may come and others as well.” I wish to see great numbers here.

A child from the town of Lourdes brought some water of the fountain to her father who was blind in one eye. He said to himself, “If the blessed Virgin wants to, she can cure me” then he bathed his blind eye and recovered his sight.
A mother brought her dying child to the fountain. She went to plunge her child into the cold water and exclaimed; “I must do all I can. God and the Blessed Mother will do the rest.” The child regained complete health and never suffered a relapse.
The bureau has been organized to have a sound and critical examination of any alleged miracle. A commission of ecclesiastics and medical men appointed by the Bishop of Tarbes made a quiet and thorough examination for three years. Their verdict was that the “apparition carries with it all the marks of truth and that the faithful have good ground believing it certain.”

My friend and I are the living witnesses of Mama Mary’s healing power with the grace of God. Three years ago, I had a chance to visit my elder sister in Murray Bridge South Australia. I worked on a flower farm for sometime. One Christmas , I rode on a trolley of flowers on our way to a Christmas party lunch. I was excited so I  jumped out of the trolley and fell on a stony ground. My right knee was severely hit and bruised. Every night before bedtime, I prayed the Holy Rosary and simultaneously massaged my knee with the Holy Water from the grotto of Lourdes given by my younger sister. In God’s name with Mama Mary’s intercession, I was completely healed. As a thanksgiving, I bought a statue of the Immaculate Conception and donated it to the parish in the name of F.R.C...
Another friend, who every now and then gets very sickly in her childhood till her high school years especially during the month of February, has her own miracle to share. Her mother, a devotee to our Lady of Lourdes, offered prayers and acts of mercy for her daughter to be healed. As she grew older, she became stronger and healthier. Since then, my friend became a devotee to our Lady of Lourdes. Please pray to the Holy Rosary everyday in honor to Mama Mary our greatest intercession.

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, had a triduum prayer last February 8, 9 and 10 in honor to our Lady of Lourdes and on the 11th we held a procession. The procession was led by our good and humble of heart Msgr. Dennis Odiver, in cooperation with the officers and members of Family Rosary Crusade (F.R.C.). It routed the four villages around SAAP and accompanied by our co parishioners, parish workers including the sound system provider of K of C and the MOAS heading the procession together with our marshalls from Brgy. Valenzuela, San Miguel and Bel-Air. The procession started at 5:30am and ended in time for the 6:30am mass. Right after the mass, Msgr. Dennis anointed the mass goers with the Holy Oil and prayed over them at the same time with his assisting sacristan. A number of mass goers felt blessed. In behalf of F.R.C., we are so grateful and thankful for having a parish priest who is so kind, supportive and compassionate. For us, “Msgr. Dennis, you are one of a kind.” Everything you have done so far and future plans for our parish is something for us to treasure and to be proud of. God bless you, wishing you good health and long life. More power!

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