2 A.M. An ungodly time when most young people are just about to go home and sleep, or for some, the party has just started. But for the 33 SAAP Youths, 2 A.M. of January 18, 2015 is the start of our “date” with

Pope Francis, or Lolo Kiko, as what he wants the Pinoys to call him. Our first ever, most awaited Papal Youth Encounter.


Lack of sleep and road blocks did not deter our excitement to meet the Pope. Add to that, more than 3 hours of waiting and undisciplined crowds pushing just to get inside the UST Grandstand. Finally, around 6 am,

we got inside. But the wait is not yet over. Prior to the pre-program performances, we were asked to practice the songs to be sung for the program when Pope Francis arrives and the Angelus in Latin, as the Pope will lead the

young crowd in praying this by the end of the encounter.

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

6:30am - Filipino
8:00am - English
9:30am - English
11:00am - English

12:15n.n - English

3:30pm - Filipino
5:00pm - English
6:30pm - English
8:00pm - English

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