“Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said: “Today you will be with me in paradise.” (cf. Lk 23: 42- 43) Jesus responded to the good thief as a king rightfully should. Salita ng hari hindi nababali. Only Jesus is the true leader. Why do we allow ourselves to be deceived and led astray by false leaders? They are amongst us; they entice, attract and corrupt us. They want us to submit ourselves completely to them. Christ is inviting us to depend solely in Him, not to enslave, but to free us. Who can point to a leader, head of state, or king, who rescues the poor and afflicted? Karamihan, ng lider ay nagsasalita na para sila sa mahirap. On the other hand they ostensibly promote projects that continue to suppress and oppress the lives of the poor. God will send us leaders to rule and reign, but rulers should learn to submit themselves to God. Ang mga lider na walang pananampalataya kay Hesus, ay ililigaw tayo ng landas. Our hungering for peace cannot be satisfied by a false king. Brothers and sisters, may we have optimism, anchored on our faith, above everything, everyone else. Dapat pagtibayin ang ating pananampalataya. This Christmas season we offer ourselves for gift-giving. When we give to God, our faith in Him should tower above all considerations. We serve one another in our community. The magi, came from faraway to honor the King of Kings. They offered royal gifts: gold and frankincense. Myrrh was also offered to prepare the dead for burial. We are accepting the gift of salvation. We have to show gratitude by service to the Lord Jesus Christ. Nakakahiya, kung ang ating paghahandog ay hindi nag-uugat sa ganap at tuwirang paglilingkod; we cannot judge a person simply by his good works. “Faith without works is a dead faith. Conversely, good works without faith is a dead faith.”

Millions from Cebu, Tondo, Kalibo will flock to Quiapo to pay homage to the black Nazarene, This is a beautiful manifestation of faith. Remember that is our service to our fellowmen is the gift of our faith, not only ritual. If we fail to acknowledge and recognize the poor in our midst, our faith becomes meaningless. Tayo ay magiging hangal, sinungaling. We are liars if we will not help, and have empathy for the poor.

New Year is God’s gift to us. Allow this moment to be lasting in our hearts. Allow ourselves to be the gift, the blessing to one another. Receive His graces. Epiphany is popular as Three Kings. In truth, Scripture does not say that there were three, nor that they were kings but they were wise men. We must also probe deeper in this liturgical feast. We should immerse ourselves to discover mysteries, truths, and joys about our faith.

Dear Parishioners,

Today the second Sunday of May, the month of our Blessed Mother, is Mother’s Day. We remember and pray for that wonderful gift of God personifying love itself in our lives. We greet our mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day.” May they all be like our Blessed Mother whose love for Jesus and for us is worth emulating at all times.

In connection with the gift of a loving mother, the Good Lord also has given us a motherland totally unique and she is the only one we have. Let us show our love for her by going out and casting our ballots with a prayer. Your single ballot may help solve the ills plaguing our beloved country. Only an honest-to-goodness citizen can bring about an honest-to-goodness motherland.

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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