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There are teachings of the Church which are so widely misunderstood as that on birth control. Many people think that Catholics are obliged to have the maximum number of children. Others imagine that the only form of birth control recognized by the Church is that of abstinence from conjugal relations.

Both are absurdly distorted misconceptions. When properly understood, the Church’s teaching will be seen to be eminently reasonable, promoting the happiness of the married couple while safeguarding the welfare of society and the conservation of the race. The Church does not forbid birth control but only unethical methods of achieving it. She permits the regulation of birth but not by artificial contraception. The Creator Himself provided for the regulation of births through natural law, and any deliberate violation of the natural law as an act of rebellion against God Himself. God the Creator who fashioned that process enables a couple to regulate birth control not by violating nature’s law but by strictly obeying it. A couple may prevent conception not by abstinence from the marital act but by performing it during the infertile period. Observing the law of rhythm provided by nature is a safe, workable and reasonably accurate method. God is the Author of the laws of nature. They are of universal validity. Thus the law forbidding artificial contraception is not merely a disciplinary regulation, nor an ecclesiastical ordinance. The Church cannot just grant dispensations from them. Hence, the divine Church’s teaching on this subject: artificial contraception is a violation of the natural law binding all rational creatures at all times and in all places. The Holy Bible the inspired and revered word of God tells us how severely He punished Onan for the sin of contraception. “And therefore God slew him because he did a detestable thing.” (Gen 38:10). No one therefore, can question , doubt, or deny it without expressing disbelief not only in the Bible but also in God. “Play fair,” says the Church to married couples, with yourselves , with society, and with God achieving an ideal and reasonable number of children. You are conservators of the race and you must be concerned not only with your own individual happiness, but also with the preservation of society’s welfare. In bringing children into existence you become co-partners with Almighty God in the act of sublime dignity and honour, achieving the highest rank of motherhood and fatherhood. Could any position be greater than that?

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