“Rejoice highly favored daughter! The Lord is with you.” It was the celestial greeting for Mary by the angelic visitor as she knelt on the floor with love beaming in her unraptured face. Did she know what her “Fiat” would mean to mankind? How were she able to utter it with so much sincerity, with so much love, and with so much self-forgetfulness and trust? Did she know of the manger, of the cross, of the Eucharist?

Did she know then that her child would with Calvary’s key open heaven’s door? That He was the Way, the Truth, the Life that would lead men back to God once more? Did she know that a Eucharist miracle of love would be He? What was her thought as Gabriel vanished from her? In accord with God’s will, she willed to be the Mother of the Redeemer, and she knew what that meant. She has always trusted divine Providence. The husband God chose for her was a holy and humble carpenter from Nazareth. Just like her, Joseph loves God fervently. He agreed to lead a pure life in bonds of marriage. Together they waited and prayed for the coming of the Infant Jesus. In that cold December weather, Joseph and Mary had to register in Bethlehem. Mary was about to give birth but no one had room for her that night. Joseph found the stable where Mary gave birth to the most beautiful baby destined to be the Messiah. What happiness the Holy Family shared in the holy house at Nazareth. Peace, contentment, love, union with God reigned in that humble house. And “Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor before God and man.” When Jesus was about thirty years old, Mary knew the time of sacrifice was coming closer. She foresaw what awaited her Son. When He came to tell her He must leave for His public ministry, her heart cried out in anguish, for she knew the prophecies. Mary was in Jerusalem for the Pasch during Jesus’ bitter passion. She made the “Way of the Cross” with her Son. When they met for a fleeting moment it was to bolster courage. She stood at the foot of the cross. Her heart bled. Courageously she received her Son’s body as He was taken gently down from the cross and lovingly held Him, her Son, her God, a sacrificial victim for the sins of mankind. What joy was hers on that Easter morning as her Son stood before her, resplendent, glorious! However, her joy was again mingled with sadness as her Son bade her farewell on the day He ascended to His Father. Spiritually, He was so close to her. Mary knew that as Mother of the Infant Church she had to help mature it. She was present when the Holy Spirit come down upon the apostles to strengthen them and to fill them with the needed zeal. However, her consuming love and longing for her Son caused Him to come for her. But he wouldn’t let her precious, immaculate body remained in the tomb, He had her body carried to heaven. In heaven, through the ages, her love and intercession have benefited us. We have a powerful friend in heaven – The Queen herself. And she loves us with the same Immaculate Heart that was fashioned to give a Mother’s love to the God-Man. God can refuse Mary nothing. As long as we stay close to her, we have nothing to fear. Then, celebrating this feast of our Lady’s Birth with deep joy and peace of heart, let’s pray together and sing hymns of thanksgiving to God.

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