Peace based on Justice

“We hoped for peace, but no peace came. We hoped for a time of healing, but found only terror” (Jeremiah 8:15)

. This is what the world is today. Peace appears to be long coming.



Not that God does not want us to enjoy peace, but He sets conditions we need to do before this sense

of well-being becomes ours. His conditions are timeless. The Scripture tells us that when the

troubled Jewish nation in their time of unrest, no peace came to the Jews because they had

not been just to their fellows. There had been so much hatred and self-deception, lying among

leaders and teachers. They gave assurance of peace when all were at war. The peace God gives us is based on justice.

Not the kind of that hard fact of punishing the wrong doing by outright killing. My concept of

a good government is one that can be easily stated. It is a government of efficient men,

performing their duties within the framework of a system that guarantees basic freedom consistently with the requirements of social

orders. It is a government where there is wide room for good men of competence, unharassed

by smear and pitiless slander; it is a government where one is tried before he is condemned,

where one’s good faith is presumed because it is a government based on justice and human

compassion. The knowledge of greatness often blinds. On reaching a measure of public stature, for

instance, our president, Rodrigo Duterte strut with pride and starts to count his privileges would go beyond the limits. He should watch his

words. Jesus, on the other hand, knew who He was. He knew the immensity of His power

and authority. He knew exactly where He came from and where He was going despite

the sufferings that He had to go through. With that knowledge, He could have put in airs. He

could have boasted to His disciples; but He did not. Instead, He took the role of a servant and

washed their dirty feet – twelve pairs of them. Can you imagine how many times He must have

changed the water in the basin? And this is the One the disciples called their “Master.”

Love is like that. The authority by which we lead is not power, but love, not force, but

service… In God’s Kingdom, true leadership is not achieved by subjecting others in our control

but in giving ourselves in sacrificial service to them clothed with love and humility. However, God is not finished chiseling our

individual lives. He is not yet finished in shaping our country. If we are doing our part today

praying for our officials, working towards peace and justice while remaining true to ourselves

as Filipinos, we can rest assured that God in His own good time will give us peace and make our

country one we can be more proud of.


Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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