A Day with The Saints

As we commemorate All Saints’ Day it is supremely fitting to remember, honor and cherish the memory of the saints in heaven.

How did they make it to heaven?  The answer to that seems simple.  Saints are very good and holy persons.  After all, the word “saint” comes from a Latin word sanctus which means “holy.”  But it is not as simple as that.  By no means every saint was perfect.  However, some did things they became very ashamed of; things that were cruel or selfish.   So, as some people have asked, are saints simply sinners who kept on trying; trying to be good, trying to do what they believed God wanted them to do?



In some cases, that’s part of it.  But the main thing about a saint is that God has given him or her a special gift, a gift of holiness.  This might be the gift of loving God in a very special way or being a good teacher or healer.  It might be the gift of bravery or patience; the gift of wisdom or of being able to love those without friends or those in need.  Whatever it is, we call this gift from God “grace.”

So how do we decide whether a person has the gift of grace and should become known as a saint?

Not even that is simple.  Some Christians say that all true believers are saints.  There is a lot of truth in this because we believe that everyone of us received grace from God.  Others, however say the word “saints” should be given to a person only after they have died – and then only if they had lived a very holy life.  The Catholic Church said that people should be remembered as saints only if they had been canonized.  This process takes a long time and happens only after the death of the person being considered.

In this modern times, some holy people are thought of as “saintly” – simply because of the way they lived their lives.  One such person was Mother Teresa who was sometimes described as saint, even before her death.

Saints didn’t all lived in olden times; they lived and worked in countries around the world.  Most of all, they are people whose lives are still important for us today.  They have become known as saints in many different ways but they are all saintly because, we believe, God has used them in special ways to do good in this world.

In the past, Christians always named a newborn baby after a saint.  That saint became the baby’s “patron saint,” the saint who looked after him or her through their life.  Many people celebrate their saint’s day (or “name day”) rather like an extra birthday.  Countries also have their own patron saints, and even jobs.


Saints have been respected and loved by Christians as holy people who have been given the gift of grace to do some special work in the steps of Jesus for God and for their fellow men.  From their stories, there are valuable things to be learned:  Things that will help people live their lives in the way that Jesus taught.  Their stories are stories that will bring people closer to God.

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