“Teach them to observe all

that I have commanded you;

And I am with you always

until the end of time”.

Matthew 28:20


After becoming a catechist in our parish almost twenty years ago, I have an ever-increasing desire to share my faith with others.  Our parish priest then, Rev. Msgr. Emmanuel Sunga called to ask me to coordinate a parish evangelization program.  We started with a small band of amateur evangelizers who really didn’t know what we were doing, but we learned along the way.  We started with a “Welcome Home” program for inactive Catholics and a “Welcome to our Parish” program for new comers who will eventually serve the parish.  Later on, we put up the Sunday School to develop in these little men and women of tomorrow a deep sense of being loved by God and His presence in their life.  They were prepared to receive their First Holy Communion.


When Rev. Msgr. Dennis Odiver came in, he expanded the works of evangelization by clustering the Family and Life, the Youth, the Media ministries and Renewal Communities together.  We did so many interesting, delightful things in the ministry.  This was a particularly grace-filled period of my life.  Teaching is my first love, and my dream includes designing and implementing a curriculum for Catholic Evangelization.  I must say that over the years, I have been evangelized and changed.  My faith has grown in many new directions; my lifestyle has changed; and my vision of Church has been broadened.  I have a lot to say about the new Evangelization and most of it comes from personal experiences not just from academic and theological sources.


Evangelization is the basic duty of every Christian.  Perhaps it would be helpful to know what is expected of us.  Where do we fit in?  How we do it?


I’d like to quote here what the late Archbishop Dermott Ryan, then pro-Perfect of the Congregation of the Propagation of Faith, said on this very issue:  “In this modern world, it is not enough for lay people to be committed.  They need to be well-informed about the faith and about those aspects of Catholic teaching which relate to their chose field of activity.”


Over the years, I’ve experienced evangelization is a personal ministry.  I’ve learned to develop a keen awareness of each person I approach.  Many people are often looking for someone to listen to their stories, and perhaps, in some cases, do something about their situation.  Above all, they want to be loved, accepted, needed and welcomed.  However, evangelization will never be possible without the action of the Holy Spirit… The Holy Spirit is the principal object of evangelization.  It is He Who impels us to proclaim the Gospel to be accepted and understood.


We are reminded that the Church exists to evangelize and that we are the Church.  It is both our right and responsibility.


My final word in the motivation for evangelization is that it is a lot of fun.  The fun comes from new friends we meet, the changes we see in their lives, the joy of sharing the Good News, and the strong bonds of community and friendship that are framed with Christ and with one another.


God bless!



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