Some few years ago, my cousin and I used to go to the annual Bamboo Organ Concert in Las Piñas.  I had wondered why the audience stands during the singing of the “Hallelujah Chorus” portion of Handel’s “Messiah.”  I’d found out that the custom dates back to the 17th  century when England’s King George II heard the presentation for the first time, he was so moved by the “Hallelujah Chorus” that he stood on his feet in honor of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Since no one remains seated when royalty stands, the rest of the audience have stood ever since.  During that time the King of Persia was the greatest king and referred himself as the king of kings.


The time came when the world recognized the true “King of kings”, JESUS CHRIST.  Christians believe the four great events shine out brightly in the life of the Christ.  They greatly delight to dwell upon His birth, His death, His Resurrection, and His Ascension.  These four rungs in the majesty of heaven.


Now that He is seated on His throne, it would not be fitting that we, His beloved ones should be in the mire… When He was in the place of shame, we were with Him, now that He is on the throne of gold, we must be with Him, too.  However, the nearer we get to the world, the further we must be from Christ.


It is significant that not until the King separates the sheep from the goats He says, “Come you blessed”.  The glorious crown of life that the Lord’s grace will give to His people is reserved for the Second Advent, “When the King shall come in His glory, and His holy angels with Him”.  Let us wait with patience, wait with joyful expectation, for He will come.


Meanwhile if He is not the King you worship, wouldn’t now be the time to worship Him as the King of kings?


Whether standing or bowing, worship is due to King of kings.


Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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