ANDREW, THE ROAD TO JESUS (a personal reflection)

The chill of the night crept in among the group of men, causing them to draw their cloaks more tightly around them.  Andrew looked across the fire at the face of his Master.  As the firelight flickered across His features, Andrew smiled at Jesus with a look of love and admiration.  What Andrew saw in that face captured his heart from the very beginning.


When Andrew shyly asked where Jesus was staying – a common way of asking to spend time with someone to get to know the person better – Jesus had looked at Andrew with a knowing twinkle in His eyes and warm smile.  His reply was simple:  “Come and see.”  That meeting changed the whole course of Andrew’s life.


Even from their first meeting, there had been something about Jesus that intrigued Andrew.  It was an intangible quality that made him want to hear this man’s words, made him want to know more about Jesus, made him want to follow Him.  The spiritual hunger in Andrew’s  heart, the questions he had about God…As conversations with Jesus turned on the light of revelation for Andrew, it did not take him long to come to the undeniable conclusion that Jesus of Nazareth was more than a carpenter.  Indeed, as Andrew heard His words and watched His actions, he knew that Jesus was more than a great teacher, even more than a man among men.  Andrew realized that Jesus was Son of God.


As Andrew continued to speak to Jesus, he knew that Jesus was doing more than just answering his questions.  He was reading Andrew’s heart.  He was looking right into Andrew’s heart and simply said, “Follow me.”  It was an invitation to a decision.  No, it was more than that.  Jesus was inviting Andrew to turn his life over to Him and walk His road as His disciple.  Andrew nodded as tears filled his eyes.


From that moment on Andrew began to walk with Jesus.  The first thing Andrew did was introduce his older brother Simon Peter to Jesus.  Peter was a natural leader in the family and in the village.  Compared to Peter, Andrew’s personality was not that great.  Yet, in his own quiet way, Andrew began to bring people to meet Jesus.  It was so exciting, so satisfying, so fulfilling to watch other people’s lives changed after meeting the Master that Andrew started introducing everyone he could to Jesus.  It became a way of life for him.  In connecting people to Christ, Andrew’s heart found its purpose.  Andrew decided to spend the rest of his life doing two things:  whole-heatedly following Jesus and helping as many people as he could come to follow Jesus like he did.


The simple fisherman became a fisher of men.  Being on the road with Jesus was an adventure for him, a simple man from a small fishing village on the Sea of Galilee could have imagined.  Once Andrew said “yes” to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, the entire course of his life turned around.  Yet, it had not been easy.  Jesus had made it clear that being His disciple was not a part- time alliance; it required full time devotion.  Not everyone in his family and neighbors understood why he gave up the security of the fishing business to follow a teacher with no credentials but Himself.  Many nights it would have been far more comfortable to be home and keep warm in his own bed, in his own house.  Yet, the peace resting in Andrew’s heart was far better than anywhere he’d ever resided.  Just being identified as a follower of the Carpenter often brought some kind of reactions or outright hostility.  However, Andrew saw how Jesus reached out a hand of redemptive friendship to even those who were considered His enemies.  The sacrifice He was going would be for all people, even for those who would choose to reject Him.  The road to redemption Jesus was preparing was for an entire world.  No matter what tribe, what color, language, Christ was making the road for every person to come home to His Father.


It had only been three years…  Andrew was looking forward to many more years of being on the road with Jesus.  The best, he was sure was yet to come.


Meanwhile, Andrew had made his choice of what road he would walk no matter what.  And he invites us to walk with him.

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