God did not abandon man after the sin of Adam and Eve. He promised that the devil’s victory over Adam and Eve would be turned into a defeat. He promised to send a Redeemer who would at that time come from mankind, so that through this Redeemer could truly conquer the devil. And as the devil had conquered through a woman, so would God conquer through a woman. One day there would come a woman who would be completely the devil’s enemy, over whom he would have no power at all. Through her seed, or child, she would crush his head. That is why we see so many pictures of Mary with a snake under her feet. She is the woman promised by God to be the devil’s terrible enemy.


Meanwhile, the human race was under the power of the devil. Everyone born into this world had original sin or his soul was therefore a slave of the devil. Even those who did die without mortal sin or their souls could not enter heaven, but had to wait in a place or state of rest called the Bosom of Abraham by Christ in Luke 16:22, and a prison by St. Peter in 1 Peter 3:19 until after the death of Christ on Calvary. Men could not understand why there was sickness and suffering on earth and did not know what happened after death. God did not send the Redeemer right away, so that men would see from these things what a terrible thing sin was and how much they needed a Redeemer.

When the fullness of time had come, God prepared to send His Son into the world as the Redeemer. He had already planned the kind of Mother He wanted for His Son, so He created her soul and united it to her body in the womb of her mother, St. Ann. But Mary’s soul, unlike all other souls which had come into this world after Adam and Eve, had no original sin on it. It was Immaculate.

God looked into the future and saw the day which His Son would die on the Cross. He accepted in advance the Precious Blood of His Son as the price for Mary’s redemption. He used the Precious Blood to redeem her ahead of time by preserving her from all sin. This privilege which God granted Mary of being conceived and born without original sin is called her Immaculate Conception.




As a result of her Immaculate Conception, Mary came into this world full of grace and was never under Satan’s power. She was the only one (except for Christ) whose soul was always turned perfectly toward God’s will. Her Immaculate Heart was always full of perfect love for Him. She was completely the devil’s enemy and prepared for the warfare with him which was the result of his complete defeat. By her surrender to God’s will, she was ready to reverse the defeat mankind had suffered through Eve’s refusal of God’s will. Because of her love of God she become the Mother of Christ.

Mary’s motherhood shed light on a number of truths concerning Jesus and His Church. In the first place, it shows that the Incarnation is absolutely the fruit of God’s initiative. Second, Mary’s motherhood is closely related to the mystery of Jesus. Jesus has no other Father than God; therefore, His having taken on human nature did not any way put any distance between Him and the Father. Jesus has the same nature with the Father according to His divinity, while having the same nature as His Mother according to His humanity. Jesus is properly called the Son of God; He is the Second Person of the Trinity possessing the divine and human nature (ccc nos. 502-503).

The motherhood of Mary also shed light in the Church Jesus founded. The Church, like Mary is a Mother. Through the truths of faith, she teaches us and the sacraments she administers. She nourishes us in the supernatural life of grace. Because she possesses the perfections and roles of the Church in the most eminent way possible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church calls her “the figure and the most perfect embodiment of Christ (no. 507).

It was from Christ that Mary received the unique splendor of sanctity which adorned her from the first moment of her conception. She was redeemed in the most sublime manner through the merits of her Son. The Father blessed her more than He did to any created person and gave her a title she loves, “The Immaculate Conception."

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