We are always searching – searching for meaning, searching for answers, searching for people. Our search leads us to discover things about the world, things about people around us and things about ourselves. Now, it is timeto discover more about our faith. In December 2014, the Archdiocesan Commission on Youth began the creation of a new ministry focused on the young adults of parish communities. This new ministry is called the Young Adult Ministry or YAM. It is a parish-based

ministry for young adults aged 21-39. The mission and vision of the ministry is “A Christ-Centered community of young

adults, driven by responsive faith advancing the mission of

New Evangelization”. It is a call for young adults to become

proactive evangelizers in living and sharing the faith. YAM

was created because there is a need to provide young adults

with better opportunities to grow and embrace their faith

life as it emerged and needed to be addressed. In the past

years, YAM of the Archdiocese held monthly activities that

focused on the spiritual, cognitive, and social development

of the young adults from the different parishes in Manila.

In St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, we are also

on the mission to reach out to the young adults of the

community. Last December 16, 2016 during the 5:15 a.m.

Misa de Gallo, the Young Adult Ministry members of the

parish were commissioned by Msgr. Dennis Odiver, thus

formally lauching the Young Adult Ministry of the parish.

As young adults, we begin to search for a deeper

sense of purpose as individuals and as Catholics. Being

a Catholic becomes a conscious choice. It becomes that

path we choose, and the faith that we make. In the Young

Adult Ministry, we are given the opportunity to seek out

our own potentials and what we can contribute to our

parish community. We grow together to learn about our

purpose and how we can make the most out of our purpose

especially in becoming witnesses of our faith.

This ministry is not only for those who are already

active in the parish. We want to also reach out to those who

are not yet involved in the parish, those who are searching

and needing company and direction, those who want to

share their faith with others. YAM aims to create a loving,

caring and welcoming community for all young adults and

young professionals. We want to provide a venue wherein

you can connect with different young adults, share in their

stories and together grow in the life of faith.

These are exciting times for young adults and

young professionals in our community. This ministry is

the destination you have long been searching for. Now,

the search is over. It is time to answer His call. If you are

reading this and you are between 21-39 years old, then

this ministry is for you! Journey with us. Discover with us.

Together let us celebrate our life – our faith life. Together,

we #LivetheFaith and #SharetheFaith.

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

6:30am - Filipino
8:00am - English
9:30am - English
11:00am - English

12:15n.n - English

3:30pm - Filipino
5:00pm - English
6:30pm - English
8:00pm - English

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