Bible: legend or truth

Is the Bible true? Is it an accurate account of mankind’s history? Is it really the word of God speaking to us through the gospel and the scriptures? Or is it only legend? Can we take the Bible literally?

Christopher Eames, a writer and a student of biblical truths say scientific records through archaeology proved time and again the accuracy of the Bible.

In the ``The Philadelphia Trumpet” Aemes wrote and cites a number of archaeological findings to prove the accuracy of the Bible.

The biblical character King Belshazzar is described in the Book of Daniels (Chapter 5) as the last king of Babylon killed when the city fell to the Persian Empire. Historians insisted ``Belshazzar’’ never existed. The Bible is the only known document to mention him.

In 1854, British Consul John Taylor was excavating an ancient ziggurat or temple, located in the area of ancient Ur, an area ruled by Babylon, now the Dhi Qar province of Iraq. There he discovered a number of cylindrical clay document, known as Nabonidus Cylinders. On these clay cylinders, King Nabonidus recorded the history of the ziggurat and made a request to his god: ``As for Belshazzar , the eldest son, the offspring of my heart, the fear of thy great divinity cause thou to exist in his heart, and let not sin possess him, let him be satisfied with fullness of life.’’

Of this discovery, Brian Edwards and Clive Anderson write in their book Through the British Museum with the Bible: In response to an omen, Nabonidus spent many years on campaign at the oasis of ``Teima in northwest Arabia, and Belshazzar remained at Babylon as co-regent and thus as de facto king’’. They explain how this reconciles other interesting tidbits from the Daniel 5 account. Verse 29s shows that Daniel was ``made third ruler in the kingdom for interpreting the handwriting on the wall.’’

Why was Daniel only the third ruler? Because Belshazzar was second under his father Nabonidus, and the third position was the best he (Belshazzar) could give. This also explains how the real ruler of all Babylon, Nabonidus, was taken prisoner while the de-facto king Belshazzar, was killed during the invasion, as per Daniel records.

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