Davao blast kills 14…

So what? Life goes on.

School. Work. Vacation. Home. Community. Church.

Everything is to proceed as planned. Unless one is a victim, a relative or a friend, there is no room to a disruption in the cycle of life. Let our elected president demonstrate his power. What a ‘better’ way to agitate the opponent than to hit one’s home…




Madness is what you demonstrate. And that’s exactly how anger operates. Man, you gotta have love just to set straight. Take control of your mind and meditate. Let your soul gravitate to the love. (Where is the Love, Black Eyed Peas)

Do you know where love is? Can it be sought or demanded? Is it planned? Can it just happen? Love in its mystery radiates even more. When it crosses – it can’t be taken away even if it hurts. Please let the love remain… How?

Let us lift e-CRoSS…

Experience Conversion.

One of my law school buddies posted on her Facebook wall this: “I pray for all the victims of Davao explosion and curse this Marcos who prayed for those involved in the Davao explosion.”

My grandmother was once telling me how she prays for us. She said, “I pray for you and I ask the guardian angels of the people around you to whisper goodness to their ‘humans.’” At first I didn’t understand the wisdom of what she meant but in easier language she was merely pointing out that in prayer – ang kontrabida nagiging bida.

Let us pray for everyone. There is hope. We must always be reminded of the apostle Paul. Conversion is not a dying ember after a full-blown camp fire. The ‘punisher’ is also a victim of sin. We can do something. Let us start for our own conversion and on the manner we pray. Miracles do happen. We just have to believe.

Effect reconciliation with those who oppose and oppress us.

Can you forgive your assailants? I would say, “Heck not!” But please teach me how…

The foreword in Nelson Mandela’s autobiography which is written by Bill Clinton tells a conversation the first black president had with Mr. Former white president. BC asked, “When you were leaving prison after 27 years and walking down that road to freedom, didn’t you hate them all over again?” And NM said, “Absolutely I did, because they imprisoned me for so long. I was abused. I didn’t see my children grow up. I lost my marriage and the best years of my life. I was angry. I was afraid because I had not been free in so long. But as I got closer to the car that would take me away, I realized that when through this gate, if I still hated them, they would still have me. I wanted to be free. And so I let it go.” And so BC wrote, “In letting it go, Mandela kept his mind and his heart.”

I could see the old man walking. He must be smiling from heaven now. Let us keep our minds and our hearts.

Espouse solidarity among individuals, families and communities.

In the law on obligations and contracts there is a thing called ‘solidary liability’ and if explained in layman’s term only means, ‘one for all, all for one’.

We are all connected and our diversity or dissenting opinions doesn’t justify exclusions or exclusivity. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “One may criticize what one reveres.” One must even beware of loyalty for this wags its tail to the one who holds the bone. To espouse solidarity must therefore be rooted on a foundation sprinkled with courage of silence to a talking senseless and sensitivity to the quiet. It is in solidarity that one can weep with others. We need not say a word… Solidarity doesn’t flaunt.

Engage in the Service of the Lord and His people.

One late evening, I was asking, “How can I serve Thee, My Lord. I don’t want to be a nun.” I could but look at the street light outside of our room as it radiates in the darkness of the night.

So I remember just few weeks ago in a very rare moment that I sit and watch television in our living room, Nathan and I were talking. He was walking from side to side. I didn’t know he was assessing me. As he probably thought I was okay, the little boy climb in my lap, sat and started playing. I was surprised but then I allowed him to. He is a burst of joy and there are numerous moments that his innocent remarks bring laughter to our place.

To engage in the service of the Lord and his people, one must melt one’s wall. The smallest act is an act of serving. A smile, a laughter, silence, nod, a touch, an embrace, a phone call or a text message. All these weighs a ton in the heart. A conversation could have saved the lives of the 14 killed in the blast. An act of generosity could have stopped a burglar or robber to commit a crime.

It takes so little… But it means a lot…

e-CRoSS in our hearts will bring the change.

Let us make it happen…

Let us allow God to make us the channel of His love…



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