SAAP celebrates 50 Years of Pastoring

Sunday  evening of February 5, 2017 at 6:30, the Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish (SAAP)  celebrated its 50th Year! Bishop Broderick Pabillo celebrated the Eucharistic celebration together with 18 guests priests and our Parish Priest Monsignor Dennis Odiver and Father Allan Dichoso. The church was full, bursting at the seams so to speak. It is SAAP’s jubilee year.The choir rose to the occasion , their voices and instruments blending in rapturous harmony. As they sang Amore et Servire and the St. Andrew anniversary song, it was as if the angels’ choir sang with them. The church ground which was full of church goers was a delight to behold. The big ancient tree fronting the church was ablaze with cascading lights like candles. As soon the final blessing was said, Monsignor Dennis invited everyone to see the mini fireworks spectacle that lasted a few but meaningful minutes that makes the SAAP parishioner feels proud. A packed dinner of rice, chicken and beef was distributed and shared later.  Indeed, it was a grace-filled night to remember!


SAAP’s Holy Door

The Holy See or the Office of Pope Francis has granted the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish, the first time in the history of the Catholic Church that a Philippine Parish is granted such honor and privilege, the Holy Door of Grace seal for a year from February 8, 2017 to February 8, 2018.  The Holy  See grants  the St. Andrew  the Apostle Parish the Holy Door of Grace  whereby a faithful if he or she  enters the Parish through the Holy Door will receive plenary indulgences  provided the faithful meaning we the laity performs the following:  he or she is in state of grace, has received the sacrament of reconciliation, has no mortal sins, receives holy communion, performs acts of mercy ,and prays for the intention of the Holy Father through the intercession of Mary, our Blessed Mother. Receiving a plenary indulgence  means that whatever we  may have to suffer here on earth or in purgatory for the sins we have committed in past is shortened or by God’s grace are entirely forgiven and erased. Entering the Holy Door of Grace is a special privilege and the faithful are encouraged to fully participate and partake of its fruits. The Grant was signed by Marcus Cardinal Piacenza( Major Penitentiary) and Christopher Nykiel(Regent) of the Vatican. It was granted by the Vatican  through Archbishop Antonio Cardinal Tagle and Monsignor Dennis S. Odiver.

Pastoral Letter

The highlight of Bishop Pabillo’s homily was the reading of the pastoral letter signed by Bishop Socrates Villegas. The pastoral letter written in Tagalog and in the vernacular as the case may be was read in all the Catholic churches that Sunday . It invokes the Christian doctrine of  respect for life which by the way is the theme of St. Andrew’s motorcade parade held the following Wednesday of February 8. The pastoral letter denounces House Bill No.1 of Congress which is to impose or reinstate the death penalty for heinous crimes and House Bill No.2 which aims to lower the age by which a person could be charged criminally from 15 years of age to nine years of age. The Catholic Bishops Conference  of the Philippines (CBCP) in its pastoral letters said that both bills are anti-poor, anti-life and against the welfare of children. It says that death penalty does not deter crime but will only make the situation worse especially when the innocent meted the death penalty goes to the death chamber , and if found innocent later on , the mistake of the state could not be rectified. The dead could not rise again to life. It also said that in most instances, the poor lacks the facilities of a good lawyer and the funding to prove his innocence in the court. The poor gets caught, jailed and meted the death sentence once the Death Penality is reinstated in the penal system of the country.  On the other hand, the moneyed scalawags gets a lighter sentence and  special privileges because of corruption and worse, go scot free.

The CBCP decries House Bill No.2 which will lower the age from 15 to 9 wherein the juvenile offender can be jailed and penalized criminally. The Church is very vocal that House Bill No.2 works against the welfare of the child and the family. The jail for common hardened criminals is not the place of a nine year old . The juvenile delinquent must be rehabilitated and given a chance to reform himself.



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