Be a Missionary

“You are the salt of the earth.

But if salt loses its taste, with what can it be seasoned?

It is no longer good for anything

But to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

(cf. Mt 5: 13- 14)

From the moment of Baptism, God intended for us to be “salt of the earth.” It is our mission to transform the earth’s millions of souls from being non-believers to believers in the Good News, established by Jesus Christ and continued by Peter and his Church in Rome. In the millennia that have passed, the Church has stressed that all members are unified to practice three virtues of faith, hope and love. These virtues enable us to receive grace from God and assist us in the goal of entering someday the Kingdom of Heaven as God intended us to become members.

Just as salt perks up life, we use our faith to strengthen our relationships—in the home, in our parish and in the world. We perk up the life of others .In the home, it is the task of mothers to be the light of the home (“ilaw ng tahanan”); mothers preserve the light of the family and keeps everyone joined in loving unity.

It is important to preserve the purity and taste of salt. In our life, we must work for purity, not only sexual purity, but the purity of intention. If we are not pure, we drop out of our membership in the body of Christ and we are of no use but to be trampled underfoot. Whenever we have sinned, we realize that we have a way back through repentance and reconciliation. When we face God in the final judgment, He considers only how much we loved His creation and our fellow-men. We should love even the unlovable.

There are many among us who believe that we in the parish are either disciples or missionaries. That it is our task to cast our lot with the disciples who support the parish with money to fund her various projects and to offer prayers for the salvation of the departed as “prayer-warriors.” And the missionary task belongs to the priest. Wrong. We are called upon today to perform our part in the mission to spread God’s Word to the periphery of our nation—to the poor who do not have access to clean water o potable water or electricity. If our brother is living in filth or lack electricity, how can we truly claim that we are the salt of the earth who brings light to the world? Light means not only physical light, but the light that gives grace to the soul. As Paul in 1Corinthians said, “I proclaim to you the mystery of God, not with deep, sublime wisdom, for I know nothing. I come with the power that proceeds from my faith in Jesus Christ.

It is our moral obligation to venture out into the periphery of our parish and try to bring as many members into the center of the church activities, so that they can participate in the life of the sacraments. The parish is not merely a territory or boundaries. Let us spread the Word of God in Facebook and in our emails

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