Excerpts from a talk at Katolikong Pinoy at Layforce, San Carlos Seminary, Guadalupe, Makati City last Feb. 18, 2017

“Lahat ng tao ay isinilang na mabuti; ang drug addiction ay isang sakit.” This story is about an overweight person who had been bullied and called names like ‘taba’, ‘baboy’ ad experienced many school transfers before he was brought to the U. S. where he fell into the company of drug-users. For him, this seemed to be the solution to all problems of peer rejection. He learned to use ‘shabu’ (methamphetamine) for 11 years.

During those years, he resorted to gambling and even stealing to be able to obtain the drug. Until in 1992, when he was placed into rehabilitation center. According to Fr. Bobby dela Cruz, God establish and maintain the growth of His Church in every family. St. Paul taught us that without the family there is no church. Parents are the first educators in the faith. The Church fathers spoke of the family as the “domestic church.” The church is also hospital of the family. It follows that if a family is dysfunctional, so becomes our Church. So if a member of the family uses drugs, family life is threatened and if one family is broken up, this could lead to breaking up of more families and then the whole society is in chaos. So if this happens in our specific family, here is the way to help our prodigal son or daughter to return to the love of God. It is important to detect the signs of the child’s withdrawal from the family, the tendency to stay away from family meals, trips and going to church together. Stealing, getting into fights, losing a job, are some signs. Assuming that it has not happened in our family, here are some acts that we can start in our families:

• Establish and maintain good communication.

• Get involved in our child’s life; be aware of their friends and activities outside the home.

• Make clear rules and enforce them consistently

• Be a positive role model for your children.

• Help your children choose their friends wisely.

• Talk to children about the evils of taking drugs.Little things matter.

When we talk we should always use these

three little words: ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘sorry’. But there is also our spiritual journey towards changing the addict towards healing, restoration and rehabilitation. Caritas Manila offers drug rehabilitation programs through the Ministry of Restorative Justice. We need to engage in dialogue with our family and then dialogue with members within our respective families.

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