Commemorating EDSA ‘86

Last Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017 the St. Andrew the Apostle community gathered in the church to pray the rosary for peace. Msgr. Dennis brought out the monstrance to expose the Host of the Blessed Sacrament. This was our way of expressing our solidarity with our countrymen who gathered in the 31st annual celebration of the “people power revolution.”

We meditated on the events in the lives Joseph and Mary that led to the birth of Jesus which is followed by His presentation in the Temple according to the Law of Moses, and the last mystery of the finding of Jesus in the Temple. The main intention of the rosary was peace in our land. We sang “Let there be peace on earth”. Our intentions included the people’s opposition to the death penalty, an end to extra-judicial killings, the stopping the culture of death and the war on drugs. Msgr. Dennis said: “we continue to live the ideals in the spirit of EDSA 1986 and the

“Isa lang ang ugat ng ating pinagmulan. Lahat ay magsinlahi; Panahon na ng pagkakaisa; Kahit ito ay hirap at dusa; Magkaisa at magsama; Kapit kamay sa bagong pag-asa; Pagmamahal sa Diyos isipin tuwina.” Fr. Allan presided the mass afterwards. The gospel brought up the themes of providence and human’s tendency to worship Mammon. Our insecurity or worrying about what to wear tomorrow, what to buy, what to eat, lead us to choose Mammon and reject God. We only have to look around us. The Father feeds the birds who don’t worry about a thing. The beautiful flowers, lilies of the field, by being true to their nature, God makes them outstanding. Not even Solomon looked as gorgeous, with all his fine jewels, myrrh, silk and gold. All we need is to strengthen our Faith in God, and He will take care of the rest because He knows what we need and we will get our share.

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