In celebration of All Saints Day, the Sunday School children of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish presented a brief “Parade of Saints” who have made it to heaven.  It was presented worthily to divert the idea of “Halloween” though in rituals are rooted in pagan practice centered on death and the coming of evil spirits.

Today most Christians follow that pagan festival decorating their homes with morbid images and dressing themselves like demons, devils, witches, vampires, zombies, ghost and other spooky characters.

Contrary, All Saints Day is the festival par excellence.  Catholics honor, cherish, and pray for the intercession of canonized saints and celebrate the communion of saints – all the baptized in heaven, purgatory and on earth remain connected and are one part of the one Body of Christ.  It is a day of awakening in all community members hope and joy in their solidarity with the friends of God and prophets of all ages.


This is the story of Msgr. Daniel B. Sta. Maria. He grew up in Barrio Hulo, Mandaluyong, near the banks of the Pasig River. He remembers spending summers catching “talangka” and shrimp in the river, with his childhood friend, Joven. He studied chemical engineering under full scholarship at the University of Santo Tomas.

As we commemorate All Saints’ Day it is supremely fitting to remember, honor and cherish the memory of the saints in heaven.

How did they make it to heaven?  The answer to that seems simple.  Saints are very good and holy persons.  After all, the word “saint” comes from a Latin word sanctus which means “holy.”  But it is not as simple as that.  By no means every saint was perfect.  However, some did things they became very ashamed of; things that were cruel or selfish.   So, as some people have asked, are saints simply sinners who kept on trying; trying to be good, trying to do what they believed God wanted them to do?


Walang tutulad sa mga Pilipino na may pinakamahabang pagdiriwang ng Pasko sa buong mundo.  Nagsisimula ito mula Setyembre hanggang Enero.  Pagpasok pa lamang ng Setyembre ang mga mall ay puno na ng makukulay na dekorasyon.  Maririnig na rin ang masasayang tugtuging Pamasko na sumasagisag na ang Pasko ay naririto na.  Sa radio, telebisyon, opisina at tahanan ay nagsimula nang mag “countdown”.  Sabik nang naghihintay ang mga empleyado sa kanilang “Christmas bonus” upang makapamili na ng mga regalo at gamit na pamasko.

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

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