July 25, 2015, Feast Day of St. James the Great/Apostle, Patron Saint, Santiago Village Brgy. Valenzuela with a theme “ The Church as Defender of the Poor”

Every year the Santiago Villages, Parishioners, residents and adopted community look forward for the fiesta. A triduum Novena (July 22,23,24) at SAAP was followed by a procession of the image of St. James, highlighted by a Eucharistic Mass with our dear Msgr. Dennis Odiver, Parish Priest presiding then a simple fellowship.



According to the Bible stories, St. James the Apostle along with his brother John (the Evangelist), was one of the first disciples of Jesus. They were related to Jesus by ay of their mothers; Salome and Mary were

After we choose to forgive, we want to forget.


When we try to forget, we try not to remember a person or anything that reminds us of a painful or an unpleasant experience. We think that by choosing to forget we can erase that experience or even that person from our mind. Truth is, our mind or even our memory may forget but our heart always remembers because the scar remains in our heart.

When we are offended … we are hurt, we cry, we brood over pain which are normal reactions when one goes through hurtful experiences.

But for how long should we cry and wallow in our sorrows?

How can we move on from pain? We can, if we choose to forgive.

If we choose to forgive…we will consider difficulties and conflicts as opportunities to resolve differences and not as cause of disunity.

If we choose to forgive…we will see the brighter side of life rather than feel miserable over the pain

If we choose to forgive… we will be able to let go of the unnecessary burdens we are carrying and help people who are also hurting, most especially those who have hurt us, carry their heavy loads.

If we choose to forgive, we give ourselves a chance to love and trust again the person who offended us. It does not matter if he or she is truly sorry or if he or she is asking for forgiveness or not at all. What matters most is that we allow love to prevail.

To forgive is a decision or a choice we have to make each day. In fact, forgiving can be the most difficult task for anyone of us to undertake because it requires the strength of our character.

“Certainly forgiveness does not come spontaneously or naturally to people. Forgiving from the Heart can sometimes be heroic. Thanks to the healing power of love, even the most wounded heart can experience the liberating encounter with forgiveness.” (ref. http://www.loyolapress.com. pope-john-paul-ii-and-his-message-of-forgiveness.htm)

This was the message conveyed by St. John Paul the Great when he addressed his audience on March 12 of the Jubilee Year 2000 as he made history by asking for forgiveness from the thousands of people gathered at St. Peter’s Square.

Let us choose to forgive in spite of and despite all the hurts and pains…

If we choose to forgive, we let go of the hurts and pains and we let God take over our hearts.

As we empty our hearts, we let God fill our hearts with His love.

Ultimately, if we choose to forgive… we are also forgiving ourselves and we will have peace in our hearts.







‘’Peace to men of goodwill, says the Lord.”

The  country is facing a crisis. Our nation is in peril. In the guise of the so called peace process undertaken by President  Benigno Aquino III and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) , the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is being pushed as the answer to real peace and development in Mindanao. Is  BBL the real solution?

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