I was blessed that dispite my absence for  a month, I was given the opportunity to have tickets (for me and for my husband) in one of the events of Our Holiness, Pope Francis... Meeting with the Family in MOA.
Pero Siempre, it’s not that easy to be there - may hirap din pero SUPER SULIT naman.
A little bit kwento muna on how we got there...
First, I asked my sister, Ate Cristy, na mag-swap kami ng sched - ako ang Friday (not knowing that yung Meeting with the Family is on Friday) at siya ang Saturday. In short, too late for me to get or ask for a new sub. No choice, i need to serve on that day, praying and hoping na hindi kami mahihirapan ni Lito going to MOA even late na yung alis namin. Dapat daw kasi, 11am nandun ka na para maluwag-luwag pa.
So the cab took us up until Buendia only, close na kasi. Sabi ng husband ko along Buendia na lang kami mag hintay for Pope. Sabi ko naman “sayang naman yung tickets natin” So inaliw aliw ko na lang siya until we reached the underpass going to the ARENA. Doon medyo buma back out na siya, mas lalo na ng lumabas na kami ng underpass SUPER DOOPER na ang tao. You’re moving because everybody is pushing you to move.
So lalo na buma-back out si Lito, yung sikip, yung init, sabi niya “ Hindi ko na kaya ito Love, mamamatay ako.” High blood kasi husband ko tapos na stroke na rin po siya, sabi ko na lang “kaya mo yan Love ... lapit na tayo, kita mo na ang ARENA.” And thank God we reached the quadrant place , na all the while alam ko sa loob ng Arena kami, eh yung quadrant pala sa open parking lot, but with chairs and may seat number pala ang tickets namin. Sa totoo lang,  i did not even look at the tickets when i received them.

Today, our beloved parish, the St. Andrew the Apostle Parish (SAAP) celebrates another milestone. Forty-eight years ago, on a clear sunny day, February 8, 1967, the cornerstone of the building of this Parish was laid. It was a dream come true for the Catholic church-going residents of two villages, the San Miguel  Village and Bel-Air  Village . Two years earlier, in 1965,  the Christian Family Movement units of these two villages petitioned for the establishment of an independent Parish.  After two long years of waiting His Eminence Rufino Cardinal Santos granted the petition. Immediately Parish plans were afoot and construction began.   The ground breaking ceremony on that fateful February 8, 1967 coincided with the 69th birth anniversary of the late Don Andres Soriano y Roxas Sr., in whose name and honor the building was funded.

It is to the credit of two great names in business- the Sorianos and the Ayalas -  that saw the birth of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish. Don Andres Soriano, Jr., Chairman and President of San Miguel Corporation saw the wisdom of a Parish more accessible and convenient to the residents of San Miguel and Bel Air. The Parish of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Poblacion to which they belong  is quite far off.  Don Andres Jr., offered to fully fund the construction of the Parish building. It will be constructed  on a 3,494 square meter lot (its present location) donated by the Ayala family through the Makati Development Corporation. Upon the start of construction, Father Emilio Bularan was appointed  Parish Priest.

Last January 25, 2015, a group of Special Action Force was sent to a small town in Maguindanao in order to capture an international terrorist. Factoring out all the political incompetence and ulterior motives in having to send those men to such risk, they were all there with three purposes or desires in mind- to follow the command, to protect the country and to find peace. Little do they know, Forty-four of them will be acclaimed as the fallen, but beloved Heroes of our country.

The pain of their death lies heavily on the families they left. Most of the men who died were providers for their families- they were fathers, husbands, sons and brothers. The pain you can see through the tears of the families they left were appallingly beyond words can describe. A lot of them ask why these men had to die this way when all they did was fight for their country. Their sadness and despair brought them to the point of having to question life’s justice and partiality. You, who are not directly affected by the loss of these brave men, may also ask: “Why did all these have to happen?”

There are only two probable perspectives that people might look at life in this time of the year; either a life filled with so much joy or resentment as they look back on what had happened to them this 2014, or a life filled with so much anticipation or fear from all the unpredictability and challenges they are about to face for 2015.  It’s either they look back or they look ahead, probably failing to realize the purpose and promise that God has upon His children.
As it has been in the years that had passed, everyone is filled with so many reasons to smile and laugh as much as they have the reasons to regret or be saddened about. The usual cause behind why people sometimes can’t reach the greatest heights they are fated to achieve is because they simply find it difficult, if not impossible, to move on and let go of what had come to pass. They simply clutch onto the things they can’t handle to live without that they cease to make the most out of the moment, and ignorantly let the current and future blessings pass by without being appreciated and shared. 2014, no matter how it has been either a living nightmare or a haven of bliss, is just a smidgen of a chapter that God had written for them in the book that has always been destined to be nothing but perfect. Things might be a bit too chaotic and twisted right now, but everyone must rest assured that soon enough, God will show them how every piece will fall back into their place- proving how this year is actually just another milestone towards a better life written cleverly by our Creator. Everyone must learn to breathe and live, appreciate or survive current situations, and simply move on; while lifting their heads up high and confidently being aware of God’s purpose of making them better than they ever were.
Now, as we stand a few days away from welcoming another year, everyone might feel ambivalent, restless and pressured from all the anticipation of having to welcome 2015 with a great spectacle of joy and excitement. Filipinos prepare a new year in ways that are very unconventional; from following ancestral traditions, to applying Feng Shui tips in trying to find the safest and “luckiest” ways to get through their everyday living. Certainly, most people are bothered by a lot of things, such as worrying who to spend the New Year’s eve with, which outfit to wear, what menu to serve and feast on, or what resolutions they vow to follow- not realizing that at the end of the day, we should simply drop everything and offer the days of our lives in God’s hands. Life has always been one filled with surprises that are impossible to foresee and control. Having that kind of limitation makes everyone true “children” of God, forever in need of comfort, support and strength from their Dear Father.
As everyone ushers in a brand new year, may God’s love, mercy and compassion be at the centre of their lives. Filled with reasons to be happier, stronger and bigger than they ever were, may they live for God’s purpose alone. Everyone is caught up between the two obligations of embracing what God had given and served, and preparing themselves for the greater trials and abundance He has in store for the coming year. Certainly, this year has not been an easy one for anybody to conquer, and there is no assurance that 2015 will make it even a bit lighter for them to bear. But one thing is still for sure; not once did God promise a painless road for us to take on; our Heavenly Father never promised an easy life, but He did assure us that everything will be worth it- and with that promise, who are we to still fear on what lies ahead?

Sunday Mass Schedule Effective March 2011

6:30am - Filipino
8:00am - English
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3:30pm - Filipino
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